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I Love Universe <3 And The Members Here

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This place has changed me a lot since I got here, back in January 2014. Have never met so many lovely people in one place in my life. Some of them are like family to me. We went through all kinds of things together, having them around means a lot to me because it actually feels really good when you have someone to share your sadness with. And happiness too. Universe has given us so many surprises, some of them were unpleasant and shocking but then again we learned a lot about this growing community as well as ourselves. Just like Britney said -- everything happens for a reason. I made an account here for a reason. And I enjoy being here -- for a reason.

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i am one of those who escaped flopheavy couple months ago and seeked refuge here at universe. just wanna say thanks to all the flawless members here :)

welcome and thank you so much! <3:)

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