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Neyde Ruined Me, My Mum Logged Into My Fb And

Guest Zooey Deschanel

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Guest Zooey Deschanel

my mum logged into my Fb ans saw tons of neyde pics and stuff like that, now she changed the password so i can't log in tll she wants to and left the  message on my wall - ''Neyde'' is more important to me than a pathology exam, when I become a doctor, you are all safe with me''


 (english cuz i have like, friends from sweden and egypt...)



i got the message on my phone from a friend, she wrote than on a wall and i cant delete it idk the pass




she got into my comp from my home, thank god she doesnt know about this profile here


omg that ... i have my professors there, i'll get dragged as hell when they see me



btw- i have 2 comps- 1 here, 1 in my original country. she logged in from my original country,well i havent log out so its not even logging in

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