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Mariah Carey In Japan... Why Y'all Think?

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She has give flawless vocal performance in 2013/2014 so yeah, I agree, I think she was tired or sick. She can sound so much better! She doesn't deserve all the bashing she's receiving.

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Mariah Carey is a legend and a queen.


Nobody's voice stays the same, in her defense. Just like we wouldn't expect Christina to sing like she did on Stripped, and how Whitney's vocals on I Look To You are a major difference from I Will Always Love You (though the drugs were probably the reason). I know she made a career off of being one of the greatest vocalists, but everyone has a bad night.


I'm biased though because I'm a huge Mariah Carey fan. :lmaolol:

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The first show was a mess ngl

The second was definitely an improvement but still was a bit lacking.

She's going through a divorce with kids atm which is probably stressing her out + she seems like she hasn't rested her vocals enough or maybe drank alcohol before these performances (Her last IG post before the first show was a bottle of wine or smth someone gave to her.) She has vocal nodules so her voice needs really good care before performances, & I think she hasn't taken good care of it this time around.

However since she's given amazing performances vocally 2013/2014 I think she can do a lot better & that the things above are more a cause to her vocals than her losing her voice completely like the media is saying.

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