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  1. #BritneyArmy! Britney Spears might be returning to the spotlight soon, according to an article from Entertainment Tonight! There is great news regarding her dad, Jamie Spears! He is reportedly doing “much better“! We are so glad that her dad is recovering and doing better! In the ET article, a source told them “Britney loves her career and her fans, so the decision to step away from her career wasn’t easy, but she just wanted to be there for her dad, as he’s always been there for her.” The source also said “She definitely plans to return to performing once she knows her father is in the clear.” You’re in our thoughts, Jamie Spears! We wish you a full recovery! We love you, Britney Spears! Source Stream her amazing Bloodpop produced and Justin Tranter written bop, “Better”, while we wait for our queen to return and slay us all! View the full article
  2. #BritneyArmy! Pop star Charli XCX has revealed that she wants to work with Britney Spears! In a #MostRequestedLive “Ask Anything Chat” with Romeo, she revealed that Britney Spears would be her dream collaboration! How amazing is that?! Check out what she had to say below: We are here for it! She can create some iconic bops for Britney! She is a natural at crafting music and making/toplining amazing melodies! Charli XCXNey would slay! Make sure to tune in to #MostRequestedLive with Romeo, Karianne, Tracy and DJ Jay Mac every Saturday from 7 P.M. to 12 A.M. EST via the iHeartRadio app on z104.3! Here is some of her work: “1999” Feat. Troye Sivan View the full article
  3. #BritneyArmy! 3 is a charm, 2 is not the same… #B10 Executive Producer Justin Tranter posted a pic on his Instagram story with the amazing “Gimme More” producer Nathaniel “Danja” Hills! Danja then tweeted the pic on his page! OMG! What could this possibly mean?! An entertainment company Danja is involved with, also had a section on their website where it listed that Danja produced “multiple tracks” on Britney Spears’ 10th Studio album with RCA Records aka #B10, which you can read about here. A week later, Danja posted a cryptic and exciting tweet with the caption “Welcome to the Jungle” with the #B10 hashtag. One day later, the executive producer of #B10 “Justin Tranter” (who wrote Britney’s amazing bop “Better” for Glory) posted a picture with producer Danja. It’s almost official and we are very excited! DanjaNey Is Coming! Add Max Martin (Femme Fatale Executive Producer), Savan Kotecha (He wrote If U Seek Amy, I Wanna Go, Up N Down), Ilya, Shellback (Produced 3), Billboard Matt (Produced Inside Out, Hold It Against Me, Till The World Ends With Max Martin) and Calvin Harris to #B10 and you basically have an album of the decade! Absolute Britney would like to know which producers you would like on Britney Spears’ 10th studio album #B10! Be sure to tweet us @AbsoluteBritney and tell us! Here is a list of songs Danja produced for Britney: Blackout: Gimme More Break The Ice Get Naked Hot As Ice Perfect Lover Outta This World (Bonus Track) Get Back (Bonus Track) Circus: Kill The Lights Blur Rock Boy (Bonus Track) Abroad (Unreleased) Take The Bait (Unreleased) Flamethrower (Unreleased) Follow (One) (Unreleased) View the full article
  4. #BritneyArmy! There is a HUGE possibility that legendary miss Britney Spears might be working with the amazing Danja, who was responsible for many of the big tracks on #Blackout such as #GimmeMore and #BreakTheIce! According to Primary Wave, which is an entertainment company Danja is involved with, Danja has worked with Britney Spears on “Multiple Tracks” for her 2019 release on RCA Records (most likely referring to her 10th studio album #B10 which is executive produced by the iconic Justin Tranter). We hope this is true! Justin Tranter, thank you for slaying us all! Danja and Max Martin are the #1 fan choices and the producers that the #BritneyArmy have been demanding for years! Can’t wait for #DanjaNey! Danja, Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, and Ilya would be amazing #B10 additions! #DanjaNeyIsComing View the full article
  5. #BritneyArmy! Brace yourselves because our wigs are about to be SNATCHEDT! The iconic producer Nathaniel “Danja” Hills has just tweeted a caption titled “Welcome to the jungle” with the #B10 (Britney’s 10th studio album) hashtag! What could this possibly mean?! Jungle theme/jungle tropical house beats?! We are definitely getting some iconic bangers! A few weeks ago, Absolute Britney has reported info regarding an entertainment site that had “Danja” listed as writing and producing multiple tracks for Britney’s upcoming 10th studio album. Justin Tranter has also confirmed that he is the executive producer of #B10 (Tranter is the iconic genius behind Britney’s amazing tropical house bop “Better”!) You can possibly count his recent tweet as him confirming his involvement with #B10! Are you rea9y for the slayage #BritneyArmy? View the full article
  6. #BritneyArmy! Britney Spears has filmed a secret cameo for #CorporateAnimals! Director Patrick Brice has recently revealed this breaking news to the Los Angeles Times! Here’s more info from the #CorporateAnimals director: “Through a series of connections we were able to get 10 minutes of her time to record this, which was so awesome,” said Brice, who added that he hadn’t planned to reveal the news until later Los Angeles Times VERY exciting! #MovieNey is coming to slay us all! Source: https://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/la-et-mn-britney-spears-corporate-animals-20190128-story.html View the full article
  7. #BritneyArmy! Britney Spears has filmed a secret cameo for #CorporateAnimals! Director Patrick Brice has recently revealed this breaking news to the Los Angeles Times! Here’s more info from the #CorporateAnimals director: VERY exciting! #MovieNey is coming to slay us all! Source: https://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/la-et-mn-britney-spears-corporate-animals-20190128-story.html View the full article
  8. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Britney Spears’ debut studio album, “…Baby One More Time”, which was released on January 12, 1999 through Jive Records, Britney released a website called “itsbritneybot.com”! What you can do on this website is enter in competitions, Britney will create a playlist for you, listen to old throwback songs, chat with Britney Bot and much more. Check out the website screenshots below! We must say this is a pretty amazing idea and we are loving this! Click here to go to the website and check it out for yourself! View the full article
  9. We finally got our prayers answered! According to Production Directors, Napoleon and Tabitha twitter statement, Britney did add “Overprotected”, “My Prerogative” and other fan favorites in her new residency show. Check out their tweet below: Thank you Napoleon and Tabitha for listening to the fans, we truly appreciate it! We are hoping Britney is going to continue working with them again when the show is back on, right now it seems Domination is on “Hold” and not cancelled fully. We will keep you all updated once we hear anything more. Please keep Britney’s father and her family in your prayers! View the full article
  10. Britney just posted on her instagram that she will be cancelling her show #Domination due to her fathers health. Check out Britney’s statement below: I don’t even know where to start with this, because this is so tough for me to say. I will not be performing my new show Domination. I’ve been looking forward to this show and seeing all of you this year, so doing this breaks my heart. However, it’s important to always put your family first… and that’s the decision I had to make. A couple of months ago, my father was hospitalized and almost died. We’re all so grateful that he came out of it alive, but he still has a long road ahead of him. I had to make the difficult decision to put my full focus and energy on my family at this time. I hope you all can understand. More information on ticket refunds is available on britneyspears.com. I appreciate your prayers and support for my family during this time. Thank you, and love you all… always. Please keep Britney’s family in your prayers and we fully support whatever Britney decides to do! Family FIRST always! View the full article
  11. Looks like Queen B’s team is finally asking the fans advice on what the fans hope to see during Britneys new Las Vegas show “Domination”. Britney posted a question on her instagram story asking “What do you want to see in the new domination show?” We all know the entire Britney Army is going to be putting that we want “Overprotected” on the setlist, but what else do you hope to see during her new residency? Be sure to head over to her instagram account and tell the Queen of Las Vegas what you want in her new show! View the full article
  12. Britney Spears is about to save music y’all! Larry Rudolph, Britneys Manager, recently spoke to Billboard magazine and revealed that Queen B is going to be working on new music once Britney “Domination” launches. Check out what he said: “We were supposed to do 96 shows over two years at Planet Hollywood and ended up doing 250 shows over four years and it was incredibly successful, but it got to the point where Britney wanted a change of scenery,” says Rudolph, who also signed Aerosmith at Park Theater for their upcoming stint, which he describes as an “elevated” Aerosmith concert experience. “She wanted to come out with a new show at a new place and do it differently “When Park Theater was opening, we took a look and it felt like the perfect next step in the evolution of Britney in Vegas,” continues Rudolph, who confirms Spears will continue working on new music once the show launches. “It’s brand new, it’s bigger and the hotel was being renovated, so the idea of being in a newly-branded, newly-renovated property in a new theater with higher capacity made it very appealing.” Are you all excited for new Britney music?!??! View the full article
  13. Britney Spears is coming out with another perfume! (She looks amazing!!!) The perfume is titled “Rainbow Fantasty” and according to publisher Kicki Norman it is coming the end of February 2019. The fragance smells like, lemon, cloudberry, pear leaves, peony, water lily, Jasmin petals, woods, amber and cotton candy. View the full article
  14. Britney Spears Funko POP! Collectors Box is now available ONLINE only at Target! Click here to purchase yours now before they sell out fast!!! This is ICONIC!!!! View the full article
  15. The Queen of Pop is apparently making an appearance as a guest judge in the new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race according to “TV Episode Calendar”! The episode is titled “Work Bitches” and it will be the first episode to air of the new season. It says “The queens must do a dress to impress the original bitch… Britney Spears! Guest judge Britney Spears and brazilian drag queen Pabllo Vittar” The episode is suppose to air on Feburary 22nd 2019! Are you ready to see Britney on RuPaul’s Drag Race?!?! View the full article
  16. The Queen of Las Vegas is returning to her throne! Britney Spears just announced her new Las Vegas residency “Britney Domination” which will be held at The Park MGM, which is the same venue where Lady Gaga, Cher, Bruno Mars and Aerosmith will be performing their respective shows. Britneys first show is scheduled in February 2019. Tickets go on sale Friday, October 26th at 10AM PT! Click here to see Britney’s live announcement! View the full article
  17. Hit us Britney one more time! Epic rights just announced Britney’s “Baby One More Time” 20th anniversary collection and let us tell you its ICONIC, probably the best merchandise we have ever seen so far from Britney. Check it out below: Click here to purchase yours!!! View the full article
  18. Has it been prodcasted on tv or something? Or any website posted professional footage.... if anyone finds anything please post below.
  19. Britney Spears manager Larry Rudolph spoke to pollster about his journey with Britney Spears and also what Britney’s new residency is going to be about. Larry also touched upon on Britney started in her career and memories! Britney also spoke about her love for Vegas, memories and her children. Check out their interview below: “The biggest pro to doing a residency is that it’s much easier on my kids,” Spears tells Pollstar. “My kids are my everything, so having a show in one place gives me more time with them. Residencies are also easier on myself and my team. It can get exhausting and can be disorienting when you travel every day – but that’s not to say that it’s not a ton of fun, too.” Spears, 36, would know: she’s been touring, recording and churning in the media spotlight her entire adult life while generating a massive career touring gross. According to Pollstar Boxoffice reports, Britney’s generated some $455 million with 442 shows and 6.2 million tickets sold, none of which would have been possible without a certain someone. She walked into my office with her family when she was 13 years old,” recalls Larry Rudolph, who managed Britney from 1998 to 2004 and again from 2008 to today. “They played me some VHS tapes, which shows how long ago it was, of her on the new ‘Mickey Mouse Club.’ I didn’t know really anything about it – I’m not talking about Annette Funicello. I thought she had a lot of talent and showed a lot of promise, but she was 13 years old. And if you go back and look at the charts from 1995, you’ll see they were dominated at the time by urban pop. There weren’t any young white females on the pop charts. That had kind of ended a few years earlier with Tiffany.” A few years later, according to Rudolph, with a pop surge on the charts from the likes of Spice Girls, Hanson and Backstreet Boys in full swing, he felt “the door was wide open for a solo artist.” Rudolph, then a lawyer, brought Spears, who was now 15, to New York with a demo of her singing over a Whitney Houston track along with a leftover Toni Braxton song. He pitched her to the heads of four different record labels, three of which passed, but Jive Records, which was run by Clive Calder – who Rudolph calls “the singular most successful human being who’s ever lived in the music business” and a “business genius” – said yes. There’s good reason for Rudolph’s hosannas: It was Calder who recognized Rudolph’s managerial talents and told him that, “Even though you don’t think you’re a manager, you’re a manager,” and proceeded to help guide his career. “He would call me up a few times a week,” Rudolph recalls, “and tell me to come up and see him. We’d spend hours and hours together listening to music, going over marketing plans, going over everything related to Britney. He was very committed, as was I.” In the late-1990s, Rudolph says he was listening to Robyn, the Swedish pop genius whose songs were produced by fellow Swede Max Martin. Calder, it turned out, had Martin’s publishing through Zomba Music Publishing and a ditty he’d written, that was rejected by TLC, called “…Baby One More Time,” remained unrecorded. After something of a bidding war with Rudolph’s friend and then-competitor Simon Cowell, Spears in March 1998 flew to Cheiron Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, to record the song. “We put out the ‘…Baby One More Time’ single in September or October of ’98, and then the album in January of ’99, and both were enormously successful.” That might be something of an understatement considering the album sold more than 25 million copies and the massive impact Britney would have on music, culture and the world at large. It’s hard to fathom, then, that for her first tour Spears performed at malls across the country with just two back-up dancers. “We were like, if we take Britney to the malls, which is where America lives, and they see her, they’ll connect with her,” Rudolph says. “I remember going to one of these shows at Macy’s Herald Square in New York. We were performing in the middle of the Calvin Klein section and there were underwear racks around us. People were just shopping and not realizing that 10 feet away from them was Britney Spears, who was about to become the biggest star in the world.” Spears’ first proper tour was opening for *NSYNC’s 1998 tour, which Rudolph described as a “favor.” But it was on that tour, after the ‘Baby One More Time’ video came out, that everything changed. “All of a sudden she went from unknown to everybody knowing her,” he says. “I saw the change day-to-day but it was almost overnight. You would see it go from 5 percent of the house knowing her, to 15 percent, then one in five, to 50 percent, to 75 percent, to 100 percent. By the end of that little tour, in which she only did three or four songs with no production whatsoever, the album opened at No. 1 and she was a big star on her own. Then we planned for her actual first headlining tour.” Critics can say whatever they want about Britney Spears’ hit-filled catalog, but what separates her from the pack of pop piffle is her preternatural ability to connect with fans, whether on record, video and especially live. “You can teach people to sing, you can teach them to dance, you can write a joke for them to say, but you can’t teach charisma,” says Rob Light, the Head of CAA Music and Britney’s agent for the past seven years. “You either have it or you don’t and Britney Spears has it. Her charisma fills the room to the back wall. She walks out and the way she struts, the whole room is energized. She doesn’t have to say anything or do anything.” But finding the right milieu for that gift, in this day and age of over-heated touring markets and mega-festival, is no easy feat for an artist of Spears’ caliber in the throes of motherhood yet still in her prime – that’s where Rudolph’s and Light’s expertise and foresight came into play. “I had been spending quite a bit of time in Las Vegas and seeing a big transition in the demographic patterns,” says Rudolph, who early on recognized a new, emerging Sin City market. “It was moving away from the traditional middle-aged couple getting dinner, seeing a show, doing a little gambling and going to sleep, and moving towards a much younger person with a very different reason for being in Vegas.” The pathology for this emergent demo of 20- and 30-somethings, according to Rudolph, was different: They check into the hotel, make a beeline for the pool where they drink, party and listen to DJs; return to their room, order room service (instead of going out to restaurants) and take a disco nap; then wake up at 11 p.m. and club the night away without ever hitting a gaming table. Team Britney’s vision was to break into that pre-clubbing time. While identifying an emerging market isn’t easy, harder still is convincing others to invest in your vision. Fortunately, Light, who’s booked Vegas “forever,” with such artists as Bette Midler and Shania Twain, got it right away. “When we were talking about what was the next live move for Britney, Larry – who truly is one of the great managers – and I talked about going to Vegas and what that would look like,” Light recalls. “We reached out to a bunch of properties, and the first responses – and remember it wasn’t like it is today – were lukewarm at best. It certainly didn’t fit the model at the Colosseum, there was no Park Theater, and the only other room was at Planet Hollywood.” “It was a white elephant,” Rudolph says of the underutilized Planet Hollywood theater, which seated 7,000. “When I walked in there, it was dusty and looked like shit. I basically said, ‘Hey, this looks like it hasn’t been touched in 40 years.’ And they basically said, ‘Well that’s because it hasn’t been touched in 40 years.’ So I said, ‘Alright, the only way we’re going to do this theater and do this new show is if we do get some money for capital improvements.” Caesars also saw the vision. “The CEO was Gary Loveman, who was a really bright guy,” Light recalls. “He made a bet that this was gonna work and put $20-something million into this theater. 18 months later you couldn’t get a date in the room. It was booked out for two years.” “We invested heavily into the production,” Rudolph adds, “for a show in a 4,400-seat theater. And we built it the right way. We made it spectacular.” This included having Baz Halpin (whose clients have included Taylor Swift, Pink, Black Sabbath and Katy Perry) as creative and stage director for the show, Marco Morante as the costume designer, and a 360-degree video wall. Light compares the show to a more historical antecedent. “Think back to Donn Arden’s ‘Jubilee,’ without the showgirls and huge headdresses of the old days,” he says, “but it was taking those big production shows and bringing it into the 21st century for that audience and done just brilliantly.” “Here’s what I remember about the first night more than anything,” Light continues. “When she came out, everyone stood up, which was unheard of for a Vegas show. It was a party from the second it started. I was surprised because I’m so used to a Vegas audience sitting in their seats and being like, ‘Entertain me.’ It was not that.” So what do Lady Gaga, Dave Chappelle, Bryce Harper, Danica Patrick, Bobby Flay, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello, Shania Twain, Nasim Pedrad, Peaches, Jeff Dunham, Jeremy Scott, Julianne Moore, Nuno Bettencourt, Minka Kelly, Melissa Joan Hart, Tamar Braxton, Skrillex, Abby Wambach, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Miss USA Nina Sanchez and the late Florence Henderson have in common? Not much, really, but they were among the million ticket holders clamoring to see Britney’s “Piece of Me” Vegas residency. “One night I was standing with Britney backstage,” Rudolph recalls, “and I was walking her to the stage, and as I literally said goodbye to her I said, ‘Oh, and Jay-Z and Beyoncé are sitting in the front row.’ She said, ‘No! What!? Why didn’t you tell me? I can’t go out there.’ And I go, ‘That’s why I didn’t tell you. I didn’t want you to have time to think about it, now just go out and perform.’ And she was like, ‘You motherfucker,’ with a smile on her face. And then of course, she went out and Jay and Beyoncé are sitting right there. And Dave Chappelle was there that night also. But that’s the way it rolled. Everybody wanted to see it.” After the close of the show on Dec. 31, 2017, Spears embarked on the “Piece of Me” summer tour for a number of reasons. “Number one,” says Rudolph, “we were done with the show, and she had an entire year off. And she wanted to do something. So we spoke about it. A lot of people on the East Coast and in Europe didn’t get to come see the show. because not everybody has the ability to get on a plane and come to the West Coast.” And as CAA’s Light pointed out, the majority of the show was already built. “Think about the cost of just building a stage and rehearsing it,” he says, “that’s a big part of the cost. We didn’t take the exact show from Vegas, you never could because it was built into a theater, but we took a lot of those elements, so the show was built and rehearsed, so the normal costs that get amortized were gone.” While the tour set records in disparate locales between its trans-Atlantic venues, Rudolph recalls one show in particular: “She loved playing at Radio City,” he says. “And it’s funny, because I reminded her when we got there. ‘You know what happened the last time you were here?’ She said, ‘No, what?’ I said, ‘You kissed Madonna.’ And she started laughing and said, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to say something about that when I go out there.’ And she did and it was really cute. She said something like, ‘Hey everybody, guess what I did last time I was here?’ The audience paused, and she said, ‘I made out with Madonna.’” The “Piece of Me” tour set records from the Sands Bethlehem Event Center to Brighton, U.K.’s Preston Park to Göransson Arena, Sweden, where it broke a long-held record held by the Scorpions. The tour is also up for a People’s Choice Award. All of which brings us to her just-announced new residency at the Park Theater, which Team Britney is hard at work putting together. “We just had our first full session yesterday with NappyTabs for a few hours yesterday morning,” says Rudolph referencing Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo of Funky Monkey Productions, the new residency’s creative directors who not only developed lyrical hip-hop dance but worked on “So You Think You Can Dance,” “America’s Got Talent,” and Jennifer Lopez’s “All I Have” residency, in addition to other productions. “We went through our first draft of creatives, We sat down, spitballed ideas and Britney came up with a million of them. They came up with a million ideas. We have a tentative title, narrative, visuals, set lists and everything right now. But it’s far too early to talk about it. I can tell you this: It’s going to different from the ‘Piece of Me’ show. It’s going to be a little bit more street. A little bit more rhythmic. It’s going to feel a little cooler. But it’s still going to be a classic Britney great hits show. You’ll know every song, the visuals will be incredible, she’ll be at 110 percent in terms of her performance. You’re going to have amazing dancers, costumes, set pieces, video, sound – amazing everything.” But beyond all of Spears’ topnotch production values, strong content and universally-lauded performances, the crux of what connects her to legions of fans who flock to Vegas is something far more visceral, personal. “To a huge swath of a generation Britney represents something incredibly important to their lives,” Light says. “Her performance takes them back and makes them feel great. She connects on that level.” Source View the full article
  20. #BritneyArmy! Britney is coming to slay! Britney Spears announced her new Vegas show via Ellen’s YouTube channel and it’s called “Domination”! It opens February 2019 and tickets go on sale October 26th! It will be at the Park MGM! WHAT A NAME! WE STAN! View the full article
  21. Britney Spears will hit us baby one more time with announcing her new Las Vegas residency on Thursday, October 18th at 7:00pm on the Las Vegas Strip at Toshiba Plaza at the front of T-Mobile Arena on Thursday night, according to the reviewjournal. Spears is set to appear on the Las Vegas Strip at Toshiba Plaza at the front of T-Mobile Arena on Thursday night. Her arrival is scheduled for 7 p.m. Get there at 6 p.m., if not earlier, if you want to be a part of this frivolity. Because of the location, it is expected Spears will announce an upcoming residency at The Park Theater at Park MGM, next door to Toshiba Plaza and T-Mobile. The event will be broadcast live on Ellen DeGeneres’s YouTube channel. Reports in the U.S. and internationally report Spears’ base guarantee at The Park Theater will be $500,000 per performance. The show’s anticipated 2019 opening coincides with the 20th anniversary of Spears’ breakthrough album “… Baby One More Time.” Spears’ Las Vegas manager, Larry Rudolph, offered no details on what Spears will impart Thursday. “We can’t specify exactly what it is just yet,” Rudolph said. “But I can say she is very excited and can’t wait to share this news with the world on Thursday!” Thursday’s event is free and open to the public, similar to the announcement of the Vegas Golden Knights’ nickname at Toshiba Plaza in November 2016. Get ready for the QUEEN OF Las Vegas to return!!!! View the full article
  22. What are you up to Britney?! Apparently our queen, Britney, has a BIG announcement coming on October 18th according to fans that attending “The Ellen Show” today! Britney was on set today filming a segment on “The Ellen Show today”! Fans also said that Britney was on set with Ryan Gosling. Looks like Britneys NEW Vegas residency announcement is coming soon or do you all think it could be something else ?!!!! Something tells us that she is announcing her new Vegas residency. Are you all excited?!?!?! We can’t wait for the new Brit-ERA! View the full article
  23. It’s Britney Bitch! The Queen of Pop just launched her new fan merchandise! Click here to purchase your merchandise! Rumor has it the store will continue to add more VERY soon! What do you all think of the new merchandise?! We are LOVING it so far! View the full article
  24. Hi B-Army!! So, there have been a lot of rumors circulating in reference to Britney’s Meet and Greets in the UK. We want to clear the air on some things in regard to those rumors. FIRST, let’s all put our feet in Britney’s shoes for a hot minute. Imagine being Britney Spears: The iconic Queen of Pop (chills). Picture going on tour non-stop, with no breaks and no sleep. Imagine traveling all over the place, having to get used to the time change, having to deal with jet lag and most importantly, not getting to spend time with your children during the summer. Imagine trying to balance your work life with your personal life, anxiety, thinking of the next perfume to release, planning to release new music, a new Vegas deal coming up, feeling homesick. I think its pretty safe to say that we all get the picture. Now, after all of that being said, imagine YOU (being Britney Spears) meeting almost one hundred fans a day during your meet and greets with NO break at all. Imagine after that, going on stage and performing a show. How do you think you would feel? The truth is.. we don’t know about you, but we are getting anxiety just thinking about it. The thought of meeting fifty to one hundred fans during a meet and greet alone is enough to cause an anxiety attack. Imagine all of the fans approaching you and imagine how fast the time would pass! All of that is exhausting and an absolutely crazy amount of work for one person on her own. Then, to add fuel to the fire, how would you feel if a stranger came up to you without asking your permission and touching you or hugging you. We would snap too! The bottom line and the point that we are trying to make, is that you should never believe everything you read when it comes to “Bad” fan meet and greet experiences. Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. What we all might seem to forget, and that’s okay because we are human, is that Britney is shy and expects respect. We all want respect. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting respect. When we aren’t given the proper respect that we deserve, we get angry too. Don’t allow any dramatic experiences or one-sided stories freak you out or make you question meeting Britney! Each and every one of us is our own person and we have to appreciate the fact that Britney feels and has emotions just like us. Put yourself in her shoes and try to understand her situation before judging. She is just as nervous about meeting us if not more. We know the true Britney and she LOVES the B-army so much! View the full article