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Found 36 results

  1. Coz I'm bored I'll post an image that will remind you of a Britney song. Whoever guesses it first will be the one who'll choose the next song and image. Clues:
  2. Will Britney have some new costumes for October 19th, 2016 show?
  3. so recently i was thinking about how some eras could have been like if the singles were different and thought why not turn it into game so each era can have a maximum of 4 singles or the amount of singles it actually had in its era here are my choices: BOMT era 1. BOMT 2. Autum Goodbye 3. Crazy Remix 4. BTMYH 5. TBGO or Thinking About You OIDIA era 1. OIDIA 2. Stronger 3. Satisfaction 4. WUSIWYG or Heart Britney Era: 1. BTG 2. Anticipating 3. Overprotected / DC remix for US 4. Bombastic Love 2.0 5. IAS4U 6. IRA ITZ: 1. Toxic 2. MATM 3. BOM 4. Everytime Blackout: 1. GM 2. POM 3. Everybody or HAI 4. BTI Circus: 1. Circus 2. Womanizer 3. SG or KTL 4. Quicksand FF: 1. HIAM 2. TTWE 3. IWG 4. DDB BJ: 1. TIG 2. TTB 3. Alien or HOT 4. WB
  4. Career Manager In this game, You are britney's manager and has been since day 1 and have 100% control of her career. You get to decide the names of her albums , album track lists , singles and what ever else you're heart desires! You can steal songs from other artists and put songs in different eras too! Requirements Album Name & Singles (You can do more if you want) Rewards The most highly voted 4 will receive prizes which are still undecided Submissions Please PM me your submission on a google doc with a shareable link Deadline Sometime in July probably Participants @ifuseekme please let me know if you are paying or not via PM or comment
  5. Hey yall, so my dance crew put together a showcase this past Saturday and I decided to pay a little homage to Queen B during my solo. I thought you guys would enjoy this and if you do hit that subscribe button cause there will be more Britney coming your way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUyCSiim0fE
  6. The point of this game is to take one of Britney's singles cover you dislike and re-create it in your own way. You're free to use any photoshoot you want from any year as long as you think it fits the song. You have to pm me your single artwork,I consider that one week is enough to do that I might give you more time if you really can't do it before. Just Be Creative and have fun! 500.000 shop points + Single Artwork posted on Britney Galaxy social medias 300.000 shop points 100.000 shop points Tell me if you're playing PLAYERS: @ @@MaleFatale @@Mike. @@Britnoy @@ifuseekme @ @@GlenCoco @
  7. Since I received all the entries I needed,the votes can start now. You have to send me in a PM the list of your TOP 3 favorite covers. You CAN'T vote for yourself. @@MaleFatale @ @@ifuseekme @ @@Britnoy @@Mike. 500.000 shop points + Single Artwork posted on Britney Galaxy social medias 300.000 shop points 100.000 shop points Start voting
  8. I Had this Idea yesterday that what if one of britney's singles wasn't released? So like most of my ideas, I decided to make it into a game. How to play Person one will choose two singles. Next person three will pick one of the singles of the 2 single which they wasn't released as a single. After that, Person 2 picks two single. ETC I'll go first Toxic or Baby one more time
  9. So i decided to cancel the vegas costume game because someone lost their costumes on their computer, i lost my costumes, one person backed out, and the only person with costumes only sent one costume So i decided to make a new game which is way easier Design a vegas residency The minimal requirement is to give a name for the show, set list, and description of the mixes used in the show. Costumes are NOT required. actual mixes can be used too but are NOT required. Posters, merchandise, and themes can be made too but are NOT required. Comment below if your entering Pm me your entry Players @@ifuseekme @ @@Mike. @@Dark.Knight @@Robert Morales
  10. Hey guys, a similar post to this has probably been up before, but i've only joined this site a couple of weeks ago. Everytime I have this discussion people go crazy. And yes I am aware that i'm posting this on a Britney Fan Site but i'm just curious as to what you guys think. In my opinion competition between these two is the only competition. Both been out since the 1990s and still as relevant as when they first came out. Heres the video below, few people told me to do it so I did. Compared the main features like dancing, singing, album sales. Wasn't sure on tour sales there were too many different answers, so if you no please tell me I would like to no who has more success when it comes to touring. I didn't compare amount of awards, the only reason Beyonce has plenty is because her dad is on the committee to decide who gets them and we all know Britney deserves endless Grammys for her contribution to Pop music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8zIvNAE6f8
  11. This year has been great to Britney ! I did a video to go through the best moments of 2015 for her and best moments at her Las Vegas Residency. So go check that out Cannot wait for B9 to slay us in 2016, praying its similar to Black Out / In The Zone. And a VMA performance next year!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZiHOJLLhM0
  12. So recently I was working on my entry for the design a Britney era , and I was looking for costumes and I thought, I should make a costume game Rules: As long as Britney performed in it, it's allowed How to play: One person post 2 pictures Another person chooses which costume they prefer and then post 2 other costumes Etc. I'll go first: vs.
  13. So I had this idea that what if one of britney's songs was not released and replaced with a leaked unreleased track How to play: Same as all my other games + Unreleased track does not have to match original album. For example You can ISBE vs. I'll never stop loving you Tho you can match them if u want to I'll go first That's where you take me vs. Look who's talking now
  14. So yesterday I had an idea. What if one of Britney's singles was did not have a single release and a non-single had the release instead So I decided, why not make a game out of it example: 1st person would write a single and a non single ,lets just say DLBTLTK and can't make you love me.Then person 2 would pic which one they would rather have as a single. After that it just goes on and on (the single and non single must be from same album) I'll go first Criminal and Drop Dead Beautiful
  15. Guess : Guess : Guess : Guess : Guess : Guess : Guess : Let's play!
  16. Round 1 has ended Thank you loyal voters Ok so results Seg 1. Work Bitch wins with 7 Votes Segment 2: Baby One More Time wins with 4 votes, OIDIA was extremely close :3 Segment 3 BLACKOUT :3 BTI Wins with 7 Votes Segment 4 The Boys wins Sorry Perfume Segment 5 I'm a slave 4 U wins with one more vote than Freakshow *sorry for Poopy gif quality but it slays Segment 6 Circus won Seg 7 Toxic wins with 6 votes :3 Now for the Second round Vote for your 2 LEAST favorite performances
  17. Hey guys So let's start a game called "Did Britney Say That?" The rules are simple the game has 10 quotes, for now,I'm going to post random quotes, some of those quotes are from Britney and others are from other singers/actors etc. and you need to guess if it was Britney that say that or not. And please try not to google the answers Shall we begin? 1. "To be honest, I wish I had more mom friends" - Britney in an interview with InStyle magazine 2. When success comes, people can try to trick you or take advantage of you. - Christina Aguilera 3. I am trying to find myself. Sometimes that's not easy.
  18. How to play : I'm gonna post a picture that will make you remember a Britney song. Whoever guesses the song 1st will be the next person to post an image.
  19. Let's find the one song that stands above all others as the ULTIMATE fan-favorite Britney Spears song! Instructions: 1) Copy/Paste the list of song directly from the user above you (NOT FROM OP!) 2) Erase from the list the 4 songs that you think do not deserve to survive the game 3) List the songs you erased from the list so that everyone can see the losers! 4) Play as much as you want, BUT allow others to plat in between your turns. 5) Have Fun! Let's find out which song reigns supreme! LIST OF ELIGIBLE BRITNEY SPEARS SONG! 3 911 Alien Amnesia Abriad And Then We Kiss Anticipating Autumn Goodbye Baby One More Time Before The Goodbye Big Fat Bass Blur Body Ache Bombastic Love Born To Make You Happy Boys Brave New Girl Break The Ice Breathe On Me Brightest Morning Star Can't Make You Love Me Chaotic Chillin' With You Chillin' with You (feat. Jamie Lynn) Cinderella Circus Criminal Dear Diary Deep In My Heart Do Somethin' Don't Cry Don't Go Knockin' On My Door Don't Hang up Don't Keep Me Waiting Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know (Drop Dead) Beautiful E-mail My Heart Early Mornin' Everytime Everybody Freakshow From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart Gasoline Get It Get Back Gimme More Girl In The Mirror Girls And Boys Guilty He About to Lose Me Heart Heaven On Earth Hold It Against Me Hold On Tight Hot As Ice How I Roll (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction I'll Never Stop Loving You I Love Rock 'N' Roll I'm A Slave 4 U I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman I Run Away I Wanna Go I Will Be There I Will Still Love You If U Seek Amy Inside Out Intimidated It Should Be Easy (feat. will.i.am) Kill The Lights Lace And Leather Let Me Be Lonely Lucky Mannequin Me Against The Music Mmm Papi Mona Lisa My Baby My Prerogative Now That I Found You One Kiss From You Ooh La La Ooh Ooh Baby Oops!...I Did It Again Out From Under Outrageous Over To You Now Overprotected Passenger Perfect Lover Perfume Phonography Piece Of Me Pretty Girls Radar Rock Me in Rock Star S&M Remix Seal It With A Kiss Selfish Shadow Shattered Glass Showdown Soda Pop Someday (I Will Understand) Sometimes Scream and Shout Stronger That's Where You Take Me The Beat Goes on This Kiss The Hook Up Thinkin' About You Tik Tik Boom (feat. T.I.) Til It's Gone Till The World Ends Touch Of My Hand Toxic Toy Soldier Trip To Your Heart Trouble Trouble For Me Unusual You Up N' Down Walk On By What It's Like To Be Me When I Found You When Your Eyes Say It Where Are You Now Why Should I Be Sad Womanizer Work B**ch Work Work (You Drive Me) Crazy You Got It All
  20. What's your fav Britney Spears photo!?!?!??!
  21. Figured to do a 30 day Britney Spears challenge Each day i will be posting a question or challenge! Todays Question: What was your first Britney Spears song you heard and also if you can what was your reaction? Mine: Baby one more time DUHHHH
  22. Whats your favorite Britney Spears song??? Mine: Up N Down
  23. Same rules as all the other Vs. games. cancelled singles and colabs from other artist albums featuring britney are allowed I'll start: autumn goodbye vs. alien
  24. What made you guys love Britney Spears?? DISCUSS!
  25. Today game is: Post your fav Britney Spears music video and list the reason why you love it so much! Mine is: Overprotected The reason why: I love how Britney looks in this and also I LOVE her dancing in this. I ado love how her vocals are in this song. Britney is also sending a lot of messages throughout this music video/song, which really caught my attention on this song.
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