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  1. I rewatched the video from the link I posted (I see there is another one there also, thank you). While the appearance of it all is sad. No one knows what is going on internally but Britney herself. I think she is tough and will come out of this a better person. She seems to be very smart and knows what she is doing and what is occuring around her. I think the song "Lucky" speaks to this. Eventhough she did not write the song, she sang the words. This is similar to her life. Time and space away from the media circus will help. I know she cannot be completely away from the media because of who she is, though. The video Stronger is also an example. There are so many of her videos I like.
  2. Thank you so much for the warm welcome.
  3. Have you seen the documentary about Britney? Here http://smeartha.com/6lqD Wow. I have enjoyed Britney's music for years. What has happened to her is just unfortunate. I hope things work out for her, she is sooo talented. She does not deserve the mistreatment. I do believe she is strong, she understands the business and will get thru this. Sincerely, Lisa
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