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  1. I still think it's "I was out cheating/the screaming wasn't faking". I think she's trying to say that she was warning Justin that she was losing him, but he obviously wasn't listening to her warnings.
  2. OMG. It definitely is "stop pointing the finger"! Good observation. And I definitely think it is "I was out cheating". The whole song is basically Britney admitting that she cheated on Justin, so it makes more sense for her to say she cheated than to say he cheated.
  3. Kinda pushed your luck (when you stood me up) Now it's all messed up (forgive me) But you went too far when you broke my heart, I let down my guard (I'm guilty) And if losing you is what I gotta do to satisfy all my needs (to satisfy all my needs) Then I guess that makes me - guilty Stop pointing your finger I warned you you were in danger It's true, I'm nobody's angel Convict me, I'm guilty He worked it, so perfect Not like I did it on purpose The verdict was worth it He kissed me, i'm guilty I'm not gonna cry, I did nothing wrong That's why I decided singing a song about Love making, girl's heart breaking I was out cheating, the screaming wasn't faking (That dude, it wasn't a plan) Ooh! (My god! It's outta my hands) How can you sit there and say I'm filthy When you're the one who made me guilty?
  4. I like the lyrics! They're catchy in a completely ridiculous way. But the vocals... yeah.
  5. Thank you! Good lord, it's nice to see that there are some non-deluded fans left. Britney doesn't promote because she doesn't want to, if you haven't learned this by now... I don't even know. I'm sure if the contract stated she couldn't promote she would get that shit changed immediately. She doesn't want to. Learn this please people.
  6. None. "Big Fat Bass" sounds AMAZING in my car, and while I don't really like "Don't Keep Me Waiting" it gives the album some diversity. I've always thought that "Unbroken" was generic.
  7. So is the mean tweet thing the only segment she's doing? Or will she be being interviewed or something else?
  8. I refuse to believe that Britney likes the conservatorship. She's a 32 year old woman who has to ask her daddy if she wants to use HER money to buy something. That must be embarrassing as hell. If, by any chance, she does like it, it'll be very disappointing. What happened to the girl who wanted to take control of her life and her career? The fact that there's a chance she's become complacent with the conservatorship in her life depresses me so much, because I don't think she likes it, I think by now she's just gotten used to it.
  9. And why did he say he wasn't releasing any more remixes, and then he does this?
  10. So what are these mixes from? Is the VMA one from her tribute back in 2012?
  11. "A stupid detail that's irrelevant"? How are Britney's vocals on a song irrelevant? If she didn't sing on her songs there would be no song lmao. And self-righteous, seriously? People say stuff like that all the time, it's just common place. If I wanted to be self-righteous I would have called that person a flop fucking fan who should kill himself. Britney has very distinct vocals that change from album to album, it's one of her greatest talents IMO. You could listen to each album and hear very small, distinct differences in her vocals on each album, that really changes how each album sounds, vocally of course. Listen to "Welcome To Me" and then listen to songs like "Get Naked" and "Ooh Ooh Baby." The vocals on all of those songs sound exactly the same.
  12. ...Okay? This may be the biggest dramatization I've ever read on here. But whatever. It's usually pretty easy to tell just by listening to her vocals what era a song was from.
  13. "Pull Out" is a really rough demo, so it's kind of unfair to judge it. But I feel like nothing can save that song. From the lyrics to her vocals, the whole song just screams tragic to me.
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