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  1. Love is a different song. Welcome To Me was done by Wade Robson. Sean's production style is nothing like Welcome To Me
  2. Original Doll/Early Blackout sessions: https://elkins.bandcamp.com/track/britney-spears-red-hot-lipstick
  3. Love them especially the ones with sunglasses! She looks flawless in all of them smh, they're just shot at odd angles.
  4. I'm unbothered, because I don't have to scam people for audio files
  5. The entire deluxe album stems have been going around since November & literally every major source has them... DYWCO leaked because of messy scammers getting ahold of them
  6. Honey none of them have disappeared... They've been traded around since last winter, the only ones hard to get are Mood Ring & the session for Slumber Party (the SP STEMS are easily accessible though).
  7. I remember reading a rats mag back in 07 about Britney having a secret sex room at the time with mirrored ceilings and Cinderella themed items
  8. Your source is Wikipedia sis have a seat. I can go on there & write Crucify Me was re-written and given to a French Christian singer... You can't have receipts for personal conversation, I wouldn't talk unless I knew for sure.. If you want some good sources for legitimate information on unreleased material, check out my interviews with Jimmy Harry & Penelope Magnet
  9. That's not Britney's Bring Me Home.... I've talked to the producers about the track it never went past the demo stages.
  10. Britney, Kylie, & Madonna are the queens of pop, no doubt about it.
  11. Use your "common sense" and know your place when it comes to talking about a child's mother, especially when you don't know either one of them personally.