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  1. Yes!! She was at the studio multiple days in a row in December, and she was spotted with an A&R person. I'm also sure the first single is chosen, my guess is a single next month or April with the album In May or June!
  2. It's possible that the other 30% is like the album photoshoot and the choosing of the title and track listing etc
  3. Lol with that angle and lighting, it's unflattering with even the best make up.
  4. I'm taking this with a grain of salt given the fact that Jordan has been wrong many times before! Plus, there was a dancer that instagrammed a picture of himself In rehearsal and we saw the props from 3 and lucky, which aren't in that setlist. So I guess we will just find out tonight!
  5. It's possible we might get a new song in the show, but it's probably not the new single.
  6. Britney isn't releasing an EP though, she is releasing a full length album. I literally don't understand the point of people doing these, rarely does info like this leak early on.
  7. Happy Birthday FallingWithoutWings!

  8. I remember a couple of months ago on E!news they had a quote from Britney saying that she was finishing a song in the studio and that if it fit into the new Vegas shows, she would include it. I have no idea if it's going to be just a random song off the album or the first single. The possibility of her adding new material is not completely out of the question!
  9. At this point in Britney's life I am very happy that she seems to be personally happy, healthy and doing well. In regards to her career, this next album is crucial. It could flop. But even if it flops, as long as it has music that delivers and is up to par with Britneys standard, I don't think it will be shunned like Britney Jean was. Britney Jeans problem was that it was a rushed mess that clearly wasn't ready yet to be released. It literally had somebody else singing on some of the songs. it was just ridiculous . I do have a very good feeling about B9 though and I'm not worried but I do hope I'm right. I think that if Britney didn't really care anymore we would've already gotten an EP or an album already with meaningless music. I really do believe she's taking her time to create something very special and time will tell .
  10. It's real! It's a digital preview of what the full wrap will look like once completed.
  11. I'm so happy that she keeps letting us know when se is recording, I can't wait for it!
  12. This is really great, I am excited to hear his Work Bitch rework!
  13. She looks like she really went hard, good for her. I know I would hate if someone took my picture right after my workout.
  14. what are even going off about omg, how about you not be so over-dramatic? She is capable of taking a darker more sultry picture though, like it's not something that can't be done again. I think it's funny how aggravated my comment made you, maybe you need to not take everything to heart.
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