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  1. that looks great!! I'm jealous, I draw like a 1st grader haha
  2. love this song! wish she would have released all of those songs she did during that tour
  3. https://soundcloud.com/cchanel81/20140710-173710a
  4. you can bring cameras, I'm pretty certain they do not allow bigger "professional" cameras though. My mom brought her digital camera with no problem.
  5. thanks for sharing...that was really funny. I'm not for Justney nowadays,but that was still hilarious esp the 404 not found part
  6. yes and now he's taking the clip I posted of me singing Passenger and trying to say it's a Myah leak
  7. This is a clip of me singing along to Passenger, not Myah. I posted it with sarcasm when you posted that other Myah in Passenger topic This is not some Myah leak....apparently you didn't read my comment in your last post.
  8. I put a clip of me singing along with Passenger.... obviously I was being sarcastic/joking with my comments
  9. It's actually me and Myah, this is the extra secret vocals... https://soundcloud.com/cchanel81/pass Britney and Sia aren't even on the track...
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