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  1. LOL just tell her to fuck off in the most polite manner The fake date thing is awful, though, please don't do it. She might be a stalker,etc. but come on, there's other ways. It's not like your life is in danger or anything and you're like the first person to complain about that kind of relationship being illegal, COME ON We've all been there. Anyway, if you really can't stand her/don't want to date her that much, just sit down with her and tell her to leave you alone or something like that.
  2. Kylie & Kendall is fun, can't wait for Britney's official release!
  3. She's the numer 1 artist worldwide, ANTi has been number 1 on the UK iTunes for more than 12 hours now, N1 on Apple Music and Number 1 WORLDWIDE soo whatever Queen Riri and her team did obviously worked, cuz people can't stop buying her album, even though it was free for the first 24h. Queen of Relevancy Anyway, honestly though, how can you hate on it so much? I mean, yeah, everybody's gotta taste, but if you listen to it more than once, you'll appreciate it.
  4. P.S.I.

    Am I Rude?

    who says that omg
  5. P.S.I.

    Apple Music

    I absolutely love Apple Music, my 3-month free trial expried yesterday, unfortunately, so I'm back to Spotify. It is potentially the best streaming service, they just need to enhance it a bit more.
  6. OMFG they were the gift that came with the Fantasy Remix perfumes in the UK, but I already bought my mum the Naughty Remix from another shop and couldn't take advantage of the deal
  7. Sims 1>>>>> every other one. Anyway, I've been recently a bit bored with The Sims 4, haven't played in a while,even though the new trailer for Get Together does not look too bad and I was like the biggest hater of it when they initially announced it. We'll have to wait and see what it turns out to be, there's only one month left