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  1. but that was before... and I wanna go is pretty iconic sis
  2. after this... her videos were all kinda meh
  3. hope not.... or at least a safer version... it's kinda trashy
  4. the forums are dead already.. why would u do that ??? but ok... feel free to do it
  5. in the original version , she kills a man, sleep with a rapper, get fucked by dancers... wow amazing storyline ... at least the final version is cute, and sexy not trashy ...
  6. is kinda vulgar.... and not Britney's style, now I get why Britney didn't chose the original version, I'd love some choreo tho
  7. I don't like.... is not Britney style at all... the G-eazy fucking part
  8. that scene is gosss... ruins the video for me.... I prefer the original now
  9. kinda .... not Britney at all... I don't like the fucking G-eazy part
  10. nevermind... thanks bitches, already found it.... peace out
  11. im from argentina DUMB ASS
  12. Can someone gift me or PM the song ??? Im desperate
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