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  1. RT @VanityFair: Britney Spears has unlocked the secret to happiness https://t.co/psSI5VnBTW

  2. RT @seanhannity: Michael Cohen has never represented me in any matter. I never retained him, received an invoice, or paid legal fees. I h…

  3. RT @KitDaniels1776: Russian Official: #Trump #SyriaStrikes a "Declaration of War" on Sovereign State https://t.co/Tttddnt1Dk #tcot @DRUDGE…

  4. RT @EmmySheetz: @DjFinalTrip I agree. Acknowledgement is the first step. Baby steps to follow.

  5. RT @LP083061: @Ginger4Trump Remember when #QAnon said to follow #Obama schedule? Well looked here - where did he make the first stop? #Neck…

  6. RT @britneyspears: Who doesn’t love Sinatra?? https://t.co/kZBXPzEA67

  7. RT @britneyspears: ??? https://t.co/73RuOK6HXc

  8. RT @thehill: "Fire and Fury" author: "I’m barely a journalist ... I investigate nothing" https://t.co/RDGXaC9nEA https://t.co/MfnmPEyBpH

  9. https://t.co/sf9BUIbwqg

  10. RT @JTSantucci: Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team for the last several weeks has had a growing interest to better understand the relati…

  11. RT @Cernovich: “Journalist Michael Hastings, who was killed in a fiery car crash in June, reportedly had been working on several big storie…

  12. RT @JohnLeFevre: Life comes at you fast.... Pelosi (2017): Rex Tillerson is a Russian puppet. Pelosi (2018): Rex Tillerson was fired beca…

  13. RT @mtracey: There are plenty of genuine threats to press freedom out there, but TV anchors occasionally getting called mean names really i…

  14. RT @charliekirk11: Bush's foolish Iraq war led to creation of ISIS - Trump destroys ISIS in less than a yr Obama wreaked havoc on the econ…

  15. RT @Cernovich: YouTube is censoring honest, unedited reporting about ANTIFA’s actions. This can mean only one thing — they endorse far left…

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