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  1. I have the baby one more time picture vinyl limited edition oops, Britney, and in the zone all $40 a piece but is negotiable also selling the baby one more time funko pop and slave for you funko pop for $20 each everything hasnt been opened yet.
  2. I say it's hold on tite cuz so many people heard "he makes me feel so sweaty"
  3. In your opinion which britney era is the best so far and why? What makes that era unique from the rest to you and what can britney do to top that era?
  4. Can't remember what I did last night...
  5. "@kelly_clarkson: Loved @@BritneySpears in Vegas tonight!!! #gimmemore #pieceofme http://t.co/RH8b1H9KC1"
  6. After fans complaining era after era should britney just go away after Vegas for a couple of years and find her passion again? I get fans are mad she doesn't promote her albums anymore and has bad shows every now and then. I honestly think she needs to go away for sometime like in the zone to blackout era (without the meltdown) and make us all miss her again
  7. It's britney... Of course she hasn't rehersed at all who you kidding lol
  8. When the first single leaks I can't wait to see britney tweet "I'm so sad and unfinished version of my first single leaked so soon. The final version will be out on this day." And then the single officially drops and there's no differences at all once again lol
  9. After listening to the album.... It honestly sucks. It's boring compared to her last two albums. I won't even give it a second listen
  10. Won't even chart since there will be no promo at akl
  11. Yeah I met her in Vegas last New Years eve. Very special night. She's as sweet as can be. You just can't be nervous around her. Fe even warns you about that before you go in to see her.
  12. I have. I told her that I loved britney Jean and Nyla's in kentwood. She was very nice. I asked her for a hug and she gave me one. I dunno why some trash her for for meet and greets cuz I had the best experience ever. She was very kind and humble and everything you expect
  13. If britney doesn't bother to promote album 9 or the first single will you buy it?
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