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  1. Where is the Ryan Seacrest interview ?
  2. I dont think they will. But I hope they learn their lesson and they should stop trying to control everything, in order to "protect Britney". They shouldve thought first before shooting the video. And I think David has all the right to take his credits out if they dont respect his work. The best thing Team B could do now is make Britney tweet something about her not feeling confortable with the final result and fans will feel empathetic.
  3. I think they didnt like the final version and asked David to edit it. But since he is a Pro and doesnt like his work to be altered he probably said no and didnt make an agreement. Therefore Team B had to reshoot.
  4. What if Team B decided to scrap the vídeo due to the leaks ? Maybe they got pissed at David for not being cautious. Or maybe he started leaking it because they didnt like the final version.
  5. I dont know how Britney Chile gets them from. Enjoy https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1769781263236806&id=1766570826891183
  6. http://channel933.iheart.com/features/iheartradio-music-festival-796/
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