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  1. i can't explain why i just don't feel this quote. it just does nothing for me.
  2. and not to get all weird on you, but it's simple. her team makes her do it because she is a Cash Cow. many, many, many people earn a living off of her. staying alive and doing what she wants/quitting showbiz is not an option for her. she has to stay very marketable when she is alive, because if she reaches a point where is is more marketable while she's dead, then you what will happen. we all know britney will be enormously marketable after death, as much or even more than marilyn monroe. that's why britney has to keep working, reinventing, and marketing herself. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/12/magazine/are-you-worth-more-dead-than-alive.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0
  3. i think she still does it because of legal obligations, contracts, etc. and yeah, the c-ship
  4. yes, that's basically what she's saying. i strongly think that if it was her choice, she would no longer have fame.
  5. not true whatsoever. she was supposed to be this during the FF era and she didn't "come alive". was she "alive" to you in the s&m remix?
  6. yes, i think so. it had potential that wasn't reached. i think it's a good idea
  7. this is all subjective. why do you people even argue it? someone can say their favorite album is whatever the fuck and you can't tell them otherwise.
  8. dang, people. you're thinking way too much into this. all the girl or boy is saying is that is brintey doesn't have the ability to make you happy anymore, hten maybe you should start looking for happiness elsewhere. they aren't saying don't critique her at all, but sometimes you just gotta know when things ain't gonna change. that's all
  9. you are sooo right. i felt that way towards the end and i didn't like it. by nature, i'm not this bitter negative complainer. so i've been on a britney break for a couple of months. now i'm back hohohoho
  10. I think the damage is already done and nothing can undo it at this point. And they know that.
  11. no! britney doesn't have a hump on her nose
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