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  1. Wow, everything looks so amazing, and I love the live band!
  2. Thanks so much, you guys, I'm glad you enjoyed watching!
  3. Hey y'all! I was just browsing through my YouTube channel and I found some stuff I uploaded back in 2011 - I had all of Britney's official videos on my computer and I mixed them together to make a music video with a song I liked. I listen to mostly alternative music, so I used songs: Lullaby by The Cure, and by The Pretty Reckless - Factory Girl and Just Tonight. I haven't watched these vids in a long time and now I started to watch and I really like how it turned out, so I thought you guys would appreciate a good fan-made video, therefore I decided to share them with y'all! Here they are: Just to hint: the Lullaby video is very hot and sexy; Factory Girl is upbeat and sexy, too; and Just Tonight is, like, heartbreaking, dramatic and stuff like that I hope you'll enjoy!
  4. Gurl, this is still my jam! Never gets old!
  5. That's really beautiful, OMG Look, I love most of the songs she has recorded, but creative-wise - Everytime and Someday beat every song that she has not written. I will never get over the fact that there's so much creativity and talent in her that people really need to see, but the majority will always see her as a "blonde pop star" or whatever. How I would love us to have an album full of songs that she has written, but I'm afraid that will never happen Why, Britney, WHY??
  6. Oh honey, many of us deal with rumors and people talking shit behind our backs, I have also had a period in my life when I was naive, trusted the wrong people and then they mixed up the whole story to make me be the bad guy. Everybody hated me. Everyone does some stupid things in their lives, but no matter what we do - there will always be those who will judge us. I am at a much better place with people today, but some of them are still badmouthing me, even though I'm just minding my own business. The things that you need to remember are: that, too, shall pass; no matter what you do or don't do - there will always be those people who will judge you, but most of those people are just not satisfied with their own lives, so they need to pry into yours. You need to learn the blessing of not giving a flying fu*k, it took me a while to learn, but trust me - it's worth it.
  7. Please no No offence, but in my opinion, focusing on "trendy-gp friendly" is what makes the album flop. Britney is one of those artists who sets the trends, not follow them, at least from my point of view. Yeah, those kinds of songs get played on the radio and stuff, but they're not timeless, they go away quickly and no one listens to it anymore (except die-hard fans). I've personally had enough of Britney doing "trendy" stuff, it's time for some quality again.
  8. I am actually "swimming in the rock'n'roll groups", but I still love Britney because I grew up listening to her music, she has inspired me to dance and be sexy But, yeah, since I actually sing and play rock, punk, grunge and stuff like that, you can imagine some of the reactions from those people when I tell them I love Britney. I think many of them are hypocrites, because they don't mind the new pop shit that is out nowadays (like "All about that bass", one of the bands actually played that song live, UGH), but they have negative reactions about Britney. Well, here's the thing: I don't give a flying fu*k about their opinion about me loving Britney. Britney has inspired me to do my own stuff the same way, for example, Nirvana inspired me, also Lana Del Rey, even Metallica. I think, especially as a musician, you should be able to adapt to any genre and not be limited when it comes to music. I listen to whatever I like, and I can go far, because why the fu*k not? I am not ashamed to tell them I love Britney when the subject comes up, it's my life and my choice!
  9. Here's one from my Instagram Speaking of, if you wanna follow me, I'm Factory_Girl90 on Instagram
  10. Y'aaaall, I finally got my haircut! Here are some pics: I really hope you like it, guys! I love it, personally! It's so fun! ITZney hair is the best! Love y'all!
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