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  1. Same! I can't stop listening - I feel like I'm hearing it for the first time even though I've about worn out the play button haha. It's magical
  2. I was extremely happy to hear Make Me on my way to work, during lunch break and on the drive home on three different radio stations today! One of the DJs had nothing but praise for the song and said the phone had been ringing all day and they were getting floods of emails and tweets requesting to play it. So happy it's getting the recognition it deserves
  3. Oh I know. They (and JT ) threw her under the bus too.
  4. Lmao. Exactly. She ain't touching the NFL with a ten foot pole after Nipplegate 04.
  5. Can't wait for the product placement in the next music video.
  6. Don't forget "Iggy's really fun. I think she's from Australia."
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