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  1. It could be that she got so much pushback from the label that it was a pain for her, who knows? It couldn't have been easy having Britney on the song then not having her on the song to it being a solo song then back to a feature with an entirely different artist. Probably too many cooks in the kitchen for her liking.
  2. Honestly I dont remember. I got it from images that compared Britney and Marilyn. But im gonna find out!
  3. Who knew Britney had a hidden talent for Photography. She shot these photos of Sam and I must say, she is pretty good!
  4. Here is interview and sneak peak of what is coming to Lifetime....I threw up a little just watching.
  5. Plus the boys, imagine having to explain to them at 11 and 10 what happened. She might have wanted to wait until they were old enough to understand
  6. The boys are getting older, Britney can tour with them, even if its during the summer. Plus, the places they could see!
  7. EXACTLY!!! This could be a chance for her not to show she is in a good place, but get the public back on her side. FTR was 10 years ago and barely scratched what really happened. She may not have wanted it to be made, but this biopic could do alot of good. I think if she approached it in the right way, she could not only shut people up, but also regain leverage in the industry.
  8. The festivals I hope inspire her to tour again, even if its a handful of dates spread out. A new audience every night is actually good for any performer.
  9. The first one to really get what I meant!!! Thanks, Darling!!!
  10. Im meant by 2016 standards, she seems bored. The same songs on the same stage four nights a week would put me on auto pilot. She is MUCH better than she has ever been, but she has this look of on her face as being bored out of her mind. Now when she took it on the festival tour recently, she seemed alive and approached everything like it was brand new. Touring might actually do her some good.
  11. Im talking about the performances. They seem autopiloted toe recently. Now her music fest performances were on point! Touring again might do her some good. Fresh show and a chance to travel again. But if POM is extending, the show needs a 100% makeover. Fresh concept overall
  12. Well, they did have the final say on Lindsay Lohans acting career lol. But what Im getting at is why not make this a positive and use it to her advantage. Create sympathy and promote Vegas or Glory, while stressing that the past is in the past and that her life is great right now. Thats what I mean by not letting them have the last word. Again, its a suggestion but as much as I dont like the overall idea of this biopic, I rather see Britney get some gain from it then Lifetime further keeping the rumors burning while making a buck off her name.
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