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  1. Happy Birthday dammmnbritneygotabigass!

  2. slave not being certified...what kind of injustice
  3. yess, literally every song. (I'm not a fan of BFB but I agree that it would've probably done quite well) I really wish How I Roll, Inside Out and Up & Down would have been singles. I would love to see a music video for Trouble For Me and DDB too!
  4. her eyes (and therefore her expression) look very different to me:/ not saying she got surgery. faces change overtime, especiialy when under a lot of stress. that's just how it is.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWx5Qjx5TNQ lol
  6. kermit don't come for me the muppets literally define my childhood
  7. ok good glad I could help you :bigsmile:
  8. yeah um just go check out the last pic in the op which is a candid and I certainly don't WANT to believe it, I unfortunately HAVE to believe it because I see the facts. like her nose bridge actually changed from concave to convex which is something you can't do with make-up. (believe me I tried everything to make my nose look concave and the only thing that helped was photoshop =P)
  9. . omg yeah this 1 lq pic in the bright sun with half her nose covered by sunglasses totally disvalues the 3851071279 hq candids and professional event pics we got during the last year....like you totally convinced me with this post and by adding that ancient queenflopga gif you just made your point 100% more valid
  10. nnnnnnnn people here still denying the nose job she obviously got one. and it's FINE gosh stop getting all defensive over it no one is even judging her for it. I think that everyone understands that it's her body and her insecurities and that she can do whatever she wants. Personally though I'm really sad because I LOVED her nose!!! I've always wanted mine to look like hers but now not so much:/ I guess I have to find a new nose-rolemodel
  11. I was talking about the new one from this year. and yes she got a new one (or maybe the old one developped badly :oopss: )
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