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  1. Happy Birthday - Priscila!

  2. Oi Sininho, já entrei várias vezes no seu blog! Lembro de você no exhale, legal te ver por aqui também
  3. I always wondered this. But I guess it was not available.
  4. Girls who are Britney fans feel proud and happy to see her pretty and sexy,but the other women feel affected by her beauty and feel very jealous, and don't wanna know more about her or how she is as a person because of it. I'm a girl and I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE see Britney gorgeous and sexy, makes me happy because I'm not a jealousy woman.
  5. Women are very jealous, and Britney is very beautiful and sexy, sometimes women don't want to know her better because they feel jealous.
  6. Not always, but most often: Perfect Lover My Baby Cinderella
  7. Criminal, Inside Out, My Prerogative, Someday , Heaven On Earth.
  8. I don't see any thread like this in here, so here we go! Post your favorites gifs of pomney!
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