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  1. What a great article. I love the emphasis he had on making sure the vocals sounded emotional but natural and non of that computer shit. LOVE IT!!!
  2. I love the vocal stuff she did with this album. It was refreshing.
  3. I love the song and the vocals but what is this about britney not the one doing ad libs at the end??? ??
  4. OMG she sounds so AMAZING!!!! I need this song in my life like right now!
  5. I never liked that basic bitch so I'll join along
  6. I hate iTunes. What about those without it and cannot get it
  7. Agreed. Especially now after Orlando and the police/blv riots/cop killings God, I cannot stand her
  8. LOL Rise against bullying and the hardships of the world type song
  9. Ew Basic Perry. Someone call Taylor Swift to bring that basic bitch down.
  10. ugh listening to shitty basic radio music all for nothing
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