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  1. A CD and several DVDs could be made with all of the stuff that's out there, that's all I'm going to say. The idea is good but it's not as easy as you think it is. The labels can not just release that type of material as quick and fast as you type this reply. With Britney in particular, It's a lot of paper work, copyright and stuff, it's even more complicated. And yeah, the hacker was selling the stems. Most of it leaked and that's how he got in trouble. Some FF tracks are still in private collections.
  2. Their team got into an internal conflict and started to leave. The admin tried by himself but his team deleted all of the Mega accounts. A lot of the stuff that has been traded cost a lot of money, like a LOT, hence why things are not supposed to leak until they get more, so they can get more in the future for the fans. That is how it used to work, but some things have changed... The reason why things are not leaking like they’ve used to is because the latest source of it all (FF stems and some more) got ARRESTED, hence why the new sources are VERY careful with who they sell it to. This is a fact, not a rumor, that source was a very smart hacker but the leaks got investigated and the data led to him. With this happening, people/traders who buy stuff agree to keep it to themselves or else they will lose the contact/source and could face some reports if they have a website/blog/sns. These sources are not Britney fans, they’re real insiders and/or hackers. The people with the rarest media right now doesn’t trade at all, they buy everything they have at high prices to make sure everything is hush hush. Losing a contact right now is not a good idea, so their last thought would be trading with a Britney fan. This media will leak eventually, but it will take years. If what I’ve heard is true, it’s worth the wait.
  3. I love being a source for Britney fans and I've been here since 2006 with OnlyBritney and now with Britney-Online (with Ismael) for the only purpose of giving the fans that: a good source, putting all my hard work on it. If I was doing it for the views and fame, I would be mad as hell for another brasilian site to get the same name as mine (which I'm not), just to give out an example. What I don't like about this is when people label stuff as something that isn't, because lots of new fans or fans that doesn't know as much could get confused. I get it, Mike did the WAVs using the Soundcloud rips to clean up the demos, but the fact that he edited them doesn't mean they're lossless. When you are a source, you need to be careful with what you post and how you post it, because it's not only for you but for the rest of the fans. It IS a WAV, it IS cleaned up, it sounds cleaner so it IS a "remaster", all of this is ok and good for him, but it's not lossless, so don't claim it like it is. I love partnerships too, I've been on it with BritneyBoards, BArmy Brasil (Britney Pulse), BDowns (until they closed) and lately BritneyOnlineBrasil, so it's really cool for me that fansites and Facebook pages are coming in full force, but lets be responsible with what we post. If not, we're turning into sites like "Fiebre Britney" which are known for post false information all the time. This is my last post about this topic, because I really don't like being seeing as the "bad guy of the movie" when I'm not.
  4. The owner posted the audios on Soundcloud. He didn't send me the original files, but he wanted me to post the soundcloud links on my fansite as an exclusive. I wouldn't pretend something is not real. You can check out the soundcloud link/user and it has Britney-Online.net all over the tracks' names and site description: https://soundcloud.com/user-765713611 Yes. The owner posted them on Soundcloud for a reason, he's of course keeping his lossless rips for trading (he did two rips by the way, the ones he's keeping are cleaner and in better quality). Each cassette went for almost 2K dollars, 2 thousand dollars! Don't you think he has a right to maintain some sort of rare files for him? I mean, it's almost a miracle that he decided to share it with us, because I don't think the other 2 cassettes will leak anytime soon (hopefully I'm wrong and the owners decide to do it). It's cool that you tried to fix them, but what I told Jonas is that, in my opinion, they do not sound better than the Soundcloud rips. Yes, they have noise reduction and the pitch was corrected, but the edit also sounds filtered to some extent, that's why I said that the Soundcloud rips are better, at least for me. I know that. This rip might not sound that better even in WAV (the real WAVs, of course). I didn't say that, what I said is that the only real rips are from Soundcloud and that your edits are done with them, hence why I don't think those are better.
  5. I’m not bashing you, this was never about you. I was just telling Jonas that the edits are in fact in lower quality, thats it, thats my opinion and it wasn’t intented to ofend your work. If you like what you do, it’s ok, you can share it and spread it, but don’t call me delusional for stating my opinion and stating the obvious. Sadly, some fans will actually fall for the edits and think that those are indeed real lossless rips and that’s when the confusion starts. As a fanbase, we have lost a lot of good stuff or original files because there’s always a “remaster” or “edit” and that is something we should avoid. Believe me, when I like something and it’s done right, I’m very thankful, but don’t tell me to shut my mouth if I think something doesn’t work and, what’s worst, it claims to be something better than the original source when it’s not.
  6. Your answer doesn't make sense and I didn't even wanted to have this conversation in the first place, I was just answering Jonas (which is actually a nice person) about why I wasn't offended at all by your edits. Seriously, I didn't want to be rude or anything, but you're just too much.
  7. The fact that is reencoded from a Soundcloud rip means its not real, the spectrum is a mess. You can easily add new data on it to make it look “lossless”, but that doesn’t mean the source is any better than a Soundcloud rip (even in lower quality than the ones posted by me). I don’t remaster audios cuz if it’s not done using a proper lossless with proper remaster skills, it could result in low quality edits. About your edts, Let Me Take You There sounds filtered to give out an example, so no, I’m not delusional.
  8. I mean, those are just edited using the Soundcloud rips, not lossless at all. Mike actually used Soundcloud’s other format instead of the mp3 files, so it ended up worse in terms of quality. Lots of data got lost. I’m not offended at all, but I would recommend to download the mp3s instead of that one.
  9. Yeah, there are 2 more cassettes out there. We're missing I Have Nothing, Wishing on a Falling Star and Nothing Less Than Real + demos for From the Bottom, Soda Pop and Thinkin About You. Wish I had them. James uploaded them directly to Soundcloud, so I didn't get the original files.
  10. D/L added. The vocals are kinda different and no, I'm not talking about the pitch. It IS the full cassette, but I Have Nothing is on another cassette and the other 2 unreleased tracks are in yet another cassette.
  11. THE CASSETTE IS OUT! Tracklist: Let Me Take You There (Demo) You Got it All (Demo) Luv the Hurt Away (Demo) Source: Britney-Online.net - PADME501ST - James “SuperBoy1406” Mercuri DOWNLOAD + STREAM: https://britney-online.net/stream-leaklet-me-take-you-there-demo-you-got-it-all-demo/
  12. lets see T4P! EDIT: I cant see it though