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  1. Queen supporting another queen, we love to see it
  2. They should have asked her to play Sonic in the Sonic movie instead of that godawful CGI Sonic
  3. It took me a while to understand she meant she did 100 meter in that little time... which everyone is meme-ing to death cause even Usain Bolt don't go that fast lol
  4. I would have thought this website was trustworthy, but that it would be for any song written/composed, whether they're released or not. Found the Rebellion you were talking about btw: https://www.ascap.com/repertory#ace/search/workID/885063182
  5. She looks so beautiful! Also great initiative from her to tell people that we should be positive and stay home! "I do know how to try to stay strong and positive and show courage" she sure does! And we love her for that. Britney queen of being kind and positive
  6. I meant the last sentence as a joke... kinda we never know with what's going on lol. Plus celebrities sometimes do have people posting for them And honestly same about the favorite color,.. can never which is my favorite
  7. In the span of two weeks, her favorite color went from red to pink... this is like in 2016 when she said baby blue and baby pink were her favorite color basically back to back... ...Or maybe it's not her writing these captions
  8. Britney song produced by Jayden here we come Let's talk about what he's really doing tho: he's kinda clickbaiting, saying he'll say stuff after he gets 5k followers or whatever, which I doubt he'd actually do. Jayden better promoter for himself than RCA has been for Britney in the past 8 years
  9. Yeah I used to use gay as an insult at school at his age too, mostly cause the other kids used it too, against me and each other. And I'm gay myself! (wasn't accepting it at the time, probably because of it tbh 💀). And god knows what kind of bullsh*t I would have been saying at that age online... But hopefully it's gonna be something that he learns not to say, let's hope sooner rather than later. Britney's gonna be like "sweetie the gays love me and I love them, you're talking about making bank and I wouldn't make any without the gays so lemme teach you what not to say"
  10. I'm both happy and scared for JJ: while I'm happy that he's speaking out and showing love to his family (well, except Jamie ), it could be very dangerous for him and for his family as well. The fans can be wild, and the media is already making headlines like "Britney's son says she wants to quit music". If he wants to speak out, great, but he should do it on his own terms and not by answering questions from fans. On another note I hope he gets educated on using gay as an insult (he should watch that ad with Hilary Duff in it from a while back). He probably will be, considering a lot of us Britney fans are gay men lmao. I just hope they teach him kindly tho, he's only 13 after all.
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