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  1. Baby one more time!

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      I will please you a million times!

  2. Missing songs (that have been officially released) from albums on Spotify: I'm So Curious (available on Spotify under The Singles Collection in compilations) (You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix!) (available on Spotify under The Singles Collection in compilations) Girl In The Mirror You Got It All Heart (available on Spotify under The Singles Collection in compilations) Walk On By (available on Spotify under The Singles Collection in compilations) Intimidated (available on Spotify under The Singles Collection in compilations) The Answer (available on Spotify under In The Zone DVD Bonus Audio in Singles and EPs) Don't Hang Up (available on Spotify under In The Zone DVD Bonus Audio in Singles and EPs) Outta This World Amnesia Trouble Quicksand Scary Those songs are not present on her albums on Spotify. Some of them are present as a part of a compilation/EP. Girl In The Mirror, You Got It All, Outta This World, Amnesia, Trouble, Quicksand, Scary haven't yet been added to Spotify even though they were officially released in the past on a particular edition of the CD/digital release.
  3. I love this song so much (but I feel like it doesn't fit the In The Zone vibe, it could've been perfect for her 3rd album) I wish she would go back and make a remake of some old materials from the past I would love to see music video for Shattered Glass/Unusual You/Phonography (even though it's a bonus track). My biggest dream is to hear her singing (live) some songs not released as a single from her first/second album especially those unreleased, at least officially (Luv The Hurt Away) Also:
  4. I agree RCA and her whole team keeps releasing those new materials because they simply want to make money on her. Yeah, obviously it's known that not a lot but still they earn something on it. I feel like she doesn't want to do anything related to the whole "fame" thing because she's been in it for over 20 years. Our Britney is exhausted. My attitude to RCA Records is very negative since it's not happening only to her but to every artist that is signed to them. (Jive Records treated her the same way though...) I still remember watching an interview with Avril Lavigne back in 2011 where she explained how hard it was for her to release her 4th album under RCA because they just wanted to do another radio-friendly bubblegum pop album instead of ballad materials she had been working on. They same thing happened to Britney (and is happening...) The only difference is that Britney doesn't seem to be assertive. Danja said back in the day when they were working on Blackout that if she doesn't like something "you would see it on her face". That's true 'cause she will never say "no" directly. People in her record label doesn't care about what she likes and really wants to do. There's an interview from 1998 included on the ...BOMT enhanced CD on which Britney talks about her "future freedom" of writing songs and choosing materials for her next albums... at that time nobody knew how big she is going to be. After success of the album and single she became the young female sensation around the world and her dreams were scrapped by her management. (even though she's been co-writing several songs on her next albums her contribution was probably minimal because of the imposed style of writing from other people) She could fight and say no but I feel like she's that type of person that will never say no to anyone. At least not very often. (We all know what happened later in 2007 because of this everything...) She doesn't want to do anything now because she completely lost any motivation towards music and this whole industry. I wonder how it would be like if she changed her record label/music group after completing her current contract. (she can't even terminate it now by herself because of the conservatorship). There are record labels that would treat her as "legacy artist" for sure and maybe she would release an album she's satisfied with. It probably won't happen (surely not anytime soon...) First of all her current situation must come to end.
  5. I feel like music producers she works (and worked) with are so used to play with her baby voice so it's just their choice if they want to keep it natural or not. (Almost always auto-tuned though...) She got used to it, so she probably doesn't really care how it sounds. I really liked her heavily processed voice on Blackout and Circus because it really fit in the vibe. Swimming In The Stars is a nice song but it lacks something I can't name... (but still I slightly prefer it over some songs on the Glory) I don't like Matches because it sounds just like every uptempo song on the radio nowadays (nothing special)... I wish Britney would work with Danja again (on an album exclusively produced by him, wouldn't it be amazing?)... or with our glorious hitmaker that would make at least a few great songs for Brit.
  6. Yeah, Oops!.. I Did It Again hasn't been released on Spotify/Tidal as Digital Deluxe Version so it lacks 3 bonus tracks (Girl In The Mirror, You Got It All, Heart) The reason is unknown. Her first and third album - they're both available with additional songs. There is an European edition of her second album with all bonus tracks released on CD, as well as the 2020 re-release on vinyl with bonus remixes, so deluxe Oops!.. is not there on Spotify/Tidal probably for legal and license reasons.
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