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  1. Thanks for sharing! Love the video and cute as hell pictures!
  2. Although it was a little weird because they're so young, they absolutely did an amazing job throughout the video. Very impressive!
  3. haha I felt the same way! Anyways, here are my answers: 1. ITZ photoshoot 2003. It's where she's wearing that greenish/brown jacket. 2. Rolling stone photoshoot 2003. It was the outtake of her where she's pulling down her panties. Some shots from this shoot were also used for the GH: MP CD. 3. Shape Magazine 2013. From the magazine cover. 4. 2001 Britney era photoshoot. It's what she's wearing in the "Slave 4 U" single cover. 5. Women's Health 2015. The amazing magazine cover we just got.
  4. There was only one person talking crap in that video. Everyone else was pretty much cool about it...especially Harvey when he said that he didn't think that ship has sailed. The girl is obviously pressed.
  5. KING ANTHONY!! I swear, you re-vive the Britney army with your fierce attitude and swag. I LOVE that you're a part of the Army and this community, and I want to wish you a very happy birthday!! I hope it was a great one!!!
  6. I don't even need to say anything else.
  7. So I'm arguing with a friend that Britney has sold way more albums than Taylor. Stupid argument I know, cuz, duh! Can ya'll help me find some solid numbers? And any career achievements that'll just prove Britneys superiority overall? This guy wants like legit documented proof, he's going cray since I keep proving him wrong and this will end it. Britney Army....UNITE!!
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