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  1. you forgot to mention my blog, sweetie Btw I'm Capricorn tongueney
  2. there you go http://workbitchs.tumblr.com/post/104430731263/trollney-at-its-finest
  3. I actually made that Britney gif based on this one haha
  4. I made those gifs haha, I'm glad u guys most of you liked!
  5. I just found them on SACEM.fr, a similar site to ASCAP and BMI. In february, fans discovered new songs registered in this website: "No Doubt", "Million Reasons" and "More Than A Feeling". http://www.sacem.fr/oeuvres/oeuvre/rechercheOeuvre.do?titre=&tiers=britney+spears&searchoption=default&page=8
  6. @@MikeyBitch Can you post a screenshot of the original Facebook post?? Thanks
  7. Baby One More Time is WAY MORE relevant than Single Ladies. BOMT was released in the 90's, at a time where you had to be really good to be impactful. Single Ladies were released in the Digital Era, where is much easier to get attention and success. And even though ...Baby were released in 1998, the MV could reach +100 million views on VEVO. Single Ladies was viral but the BOMT's legacy is real
  8. The flawless fan Igor Moretto released his new remix of Work Bitch, check it out: "This is the second single for the Legacy Edition of Britney Spears' album Britney Jean. This remix tries to preserve Britney Spears' talents and vision. The download of the full EP is comming at the end of July." https://soundcloud.com/morettoigor/britney-spears-work-bitch-legacy-edit DOPE!!!
  9. LMAO That was made by me hahahah, LINK WorkBitchs' impact
  10. Amazing!! Thanks for sharing :bigsmile:
  11. Can someone post the pic here?? The BreatheHeavy's links aren't working for me
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