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Miz Cracker

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Miz Cracker last won the day on December 27 2017

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About Miz Cracker

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    Good Evening, Idiot Hookers
  • Birthday 03/06/1995

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    Houston, Texas
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    I Love Pop, K-Pop, J-Pop

    Britney's My Queen Since 2008 - Circus Era
    Also a Gaga Fan Too
    Love All Type of Pop Music

    Adore Delano Is My #1 Queen of Drag <3 But Now It Is Farrah Moan From Season 9 of RPDR

    I'm a Visual Editor For Britney Backdrops <3

    In a Relationship Right Now For Almost 2 Years <3 <3

About Me

Hey Everyone, I'm Steven, Welcome to My Page  <3 I'm Known As the Friendliest Universe Guy <3 Get to Know Me and We'll Get Along :hug: Thanks For Visiting My Page <3





I'm From Puerto Rico But Currently Living In Rosenberg, TX






I Got the Name Femme_Monsters From 'Femme Fatale' One of My Fav Britney Albums and the Fame Monsters, My Most Favorite Gaga Album