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  1. I might be able to Remaster all of them with the leaked stems, the BBMA studio central and some vocal filters
  2. To me it sounds personal but I wish i could see Britney on TV with a medium so we can hear what she actually has to say about her better life after her incident, i feel like there's more than what we have heard and seen from her FTR, like just to sit down with just her with no restrictions of what she can and cannot say if she had the chance to But I'd like to see her on Rupaul like every other Pop star has done
  3. I went on ATRL last night and they said it isn't a demo for Britney, the girl singing in the demo just recorded her demo for Red Velvet, so it's fake
  4. So far two Glory songs didn't make the cut but were offered to two K-Pop groups: Red Velvet and BP Rania The first one is Breathe Heavy which was produced by the same producer that created Mood Ring, it has been confirmed that it was supposed to be on Glory but supposedly Britney didn't record her version of the song, so we'll never know how she would have sounded on BH The second is a bop hit like Clumsy named Peek a Boo Here's the demo version snippet https://www.indiesound.com/track/27832 Lyrics from the English Version Eenie meenie miney mo You're it, now let's go. So who are you gonna start chasing? Peek a Boo Where are you now? I am far behind Peek a Boo Are you seeing me now? Am I hard to find? and here is the final version from none other than Red Velvet Not sure who is singing the demo, could be fake because the singer behind the demo is sung by Cazzi Opeia and I'm sure she isn't in any production from Glory
  5. If anyone is interested, PM me with legit content, I haven't traded in a long time and would like to have something really good and not get scammed. And yes these are real as you can see the pics info and close-ups of them
  6. Producers that created the Japanese track from Glory "Mood Ring" also created this song but Britney was not able to record the song so it led down to giving it to K-Pop group Rania
  7. @Ariana Grande thank you for that, donation or no donation, anything will help
  8. https://www.gofundme.com/gzqp5fsw It's Me Steven on the Left, please take the time to read this and if you like to help, I'd appreciate it, I can explain a bit more if anyone is confused with anything from the description My name is Vincent and my Boyfriend's name is Steven. We both recently got kicked out and evicted from our apartments because of an incident that was very unfortunate leaving us struggling with what to do next. We have no transportation and we rely on our friend but that's cutting it short. In the mean time we are staying at a friends and we need to get back up on our feet. Just today Sept. 12th my boyfriend Steven told me he was fired from his job making our struggle even harder then what I was expecting it to be. Luckily Steven's mom is in Florida and would be glad to take us in but at the same time we need to save for our flight necessities and other expenses before and during the move. I am the only one currently with a job and that money is running short. We need to save up as much as we can and until that time Steven is trying to get another job. Saving will be nearly impossible as that I have to still pay rent where I will be residing and nessesities, phone bill, gas money. Ect. I am asking your help from the bottom of my heart that if you could spare anything even if its a dollar I will be more than happy and so thankful for your generosity. I've never been through something like this and its hard. I'm trying to make the best of the situation. Anything would be greatly appreciate. Thank you for your time.
  9. No word on when we can go back to work :/
  10. @PrinceAli89 so far so good but we're still closed til further notice, we're probably gonna get hit again by wednesday
  11. no word yet but they closed everything in town and there's a sinkhole close to our work place
  12. I'm affected more in Rosenberg, it's too flooded where we live and cannot make it to work tomorrow either :/
  13. You might wanna try Madonna Infinity, they got loads of files