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  1. Happy Birthday Sgt. Spears!

  2. daaayuuuuum hotney is sexy as fuck slaying us left and right
  3. jamie lynn is the cutest is 2001 its so hard to choose which year is best!
  4. one of my fav meet and greet pic so far they all look stunning
  5. im so happy theres a variety of different clothing in the collection and not just exclusively lingerie
  6. orange chicken, fried rice, chicken chow mein, teriyaki chicken omg now im craving chinese food does sushi count?
  7. i felt the exact same way with my moms breast cancer and it was fucking horrible i hated seeing her like that. Like u, i felt i deserved it more just as long as she isnt suffering
  8. its praiseworthy to see how successful and humble they all are #crossroads reunion
  9. the amount of people that kiss her ass is embarrassing and irritating dont her stans know she is a thief? ill join u with the slapping btw
  10. omg first time seeing that JL and britney selfie in 2005 :MGLOL:
  11. he is such a fucking embarrassment and the biggest douchebag i cant even begin jfc
  12. k im officially dead. how did we get so lucky?
  13. the queen once again killing us with her perfection i cant
  14. he lost all of his best members since they all converted over here
  15. STAHP omg otp feels had an otp even before I knew what shipping was
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