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  1. cool! idk she was into astrology, I wonder what it would say about her sign
  2. She looks SO gorgeous with this hair color, she should keep it like this! It compliments her real well especially with that cute dress
  3. I love the yellow dress, it looks so cute on her and compliments her dark hair
  4. I love her with this hair color, it makes her look younger
  5. They are so cute together, im happy she finally found a stable and happy relationship
  6. Ooh I want it! Maybe u can put it on ebay; thats a good place to sell rare collectibles
  7. Wow its so cool and refreshing to her interact with a fan; when in the past few years, it felt like their was a distance between Britney and her fans
  8. oh wow I love the calendar, she looks SO pretty in all the pictures!
  9. I think she would've avoided making the mistakes she did like with K-fed and the meltdown. All of it would've never happened and she'd be better off tbh
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