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  1. I absolutely agree with you. They are just LOUD. But fortunately I've started to see more and more comments that actually defend Britney? I´ve the comments of some well known people from my contry that were very hurtful because thet were trying to be "funny", and they received soooo many responses that put them on their places, they even apologize for that..
  2. Thanks! I think maybe she broke it while being in Maui? Idk
  3. Wait, she is not wearing the cast..is that an old video?
  4. OUCH!! That gave me goosebumps! (She even apologizes for that..lol)
  5. Poor Britney! Does anyone know how much time of recovery that usually takes?
  6. Good to see her, but I feel sorry she has to wear a cast, hope she wears it only a few days because they are uncomfortable as fuck
  7. I'm so happy you got to see her!! I´ve been saving A LOT to go to Vegas to see her. I couldn't afford it when she came to South America, so I was planning to see Domination..well...maybe some other time
  8. I agree. I read a lot of comments made by the #freebritney fans, that were absolutely mad because Britney doesn't give a f.. her freedom since she doesn't even appear on court..lol. I think she, in some way or another is doing what she has to do. We just have to keep waiting..
  9. Well, more people are getting concerned and voicing about Britney.
  10. That´s so rude. Seriously? You´ve kept up with Britney throughout the years and think that? She´s proven many times she is very smart..She´s not naive you know..
  11. Awesome picture! I really like when she does this flashbacks
  12. Everytime I see that bikini is like...you oughta know!
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