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  1. I always thought that they manipulated her with her children, like, if you are under a cship, you will definitely get your children back. That at the beginning....
  2. He is a jerk...at least now he Will stop naming Britney to sell his music
  3. She looks happy! Hope she enjoys her vacation
  4. OMG, that man is sick. Honestly, I think he doesn't have a heart at all. I'm very angry about this, hope everything is still on track! I don't know why the judge didn't take a decision about this today, she keeps pushing this
  5. This is HUUUGEEE! But I hope this doesnt end here..They have to pay for everything they've done..
  6. My first thought too. Girl looks good, everything is going well lately, so I'm happy she says she is happy
  7. I've been wondering about that wristband too. She's been wearing in almost all posts! Yep, It'll suck cause that was my first option to get a tattoo lol
  8. do you like mangos? 

    1. Steph99


      Yep, I do.what about you? lol

    2. GlenCoco


      Yes and no, I like when they are nicely cut, because i hate getting dirty 

  9. Hi you there!

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    2. Bretyna Speransky

      Bretyna Speransky

      How are you and what brings you here between us? :)

    3. Steph99


      Very good! How about you? The same that brings us all here! Queen Britney :P

    4. Bretyna Speransky

      Bretyna Speransky

      Me talking about B, sharing stuff :)


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