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  1. Yay!! It's kind of worldwide actually. That's the kind of thing real fans should do
  2. I totally agree with you. Those goofy posts are adorable, I wish she keep doing that cause that is exactly how she is! My God, if she can't even post whathever the heck she wants because her so called fans are questioning her..this is very serious. If it's not her team it's her "fans". Those posts always make me smile.
  3. Definitely better than HIAM. Too bad he stood in front of her the whole video
  4. I don't want to sound repetitive, but she looks so young and fresh. Quarentine looks good on Britney =)
  5. Yep, There are changes on Spotify too. Glad they made them!
  6. PS you see even 20 years ago I still liked to twirl You go girl!!!
  7. Wow she looks so gorgeous and young on the last picture! Loved that..and the fact that she posts 2 or three times the "samepictureswiththesameclothes" lol (as some of the haters write on every single post)
  8. I don't have a clear opinion of Sam. Sometimes he seems a little fake, but some other times he looks like he is really into her. And she does look happy with him. Whatever it is, I hope she is happy.
  9. I think she is glowing =) And she looks awesome too!
  10. Amazing! Today is "Justice for Slumber Party" according to what I just read on Twitter
  11. Gotta agree with everything. Still, I really enjoy her rehearsal videos, they put me in a workout mood lol
  12. The picture with her mom was so cute I'm actually starting to like that top..lol
  13. It is currently numer 1 in my country..aweeesommeeee... I'm so happy
  14. Her hair looks so good
  15. I know! It seems that whenever they get tired of talking about her hair/make up or weight they start finding something else I actuallt like that gap, my niece has a gap and I think it looks so good on her..haha
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