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  1. I've been wondering about that wristband too. She's been wearing in almost all posts! Yep, It'll suck cause that was my first option to get a tattoo lol
  2. Wooow, that second picture...simply beautiful
  3. yayyy! I was so happy when I read it! I really hope Britney is happy right now. This is a huge step
  4. That is so sweet Love her hair in this picture
  5. She is cute even trying to fix a lightbulb #Queen
  6. I wonder where did they go!
  7. The 3rd one is my favorite
  8. A gimnastic girl.. I would need 100 years to be able to do it
  9. That's so sweet I really hope she gets to spend some time with them this week
  10. Aaaahh, Britney and Starbucks...It's been a while
  11. Good for her!! She really sees everything Damn, I couldn't read the whole document, most of the links are not working :/
  12. Are they ever gonna think about international fans?? Hope you guys can buy it
  13. Good to know. The articles I read said that she had complete control over Britney's fortune, so I was a little angry :/ But I guess that if JL's role is to make sure the money goes to Britney's kids, then I think It's not that bad. Thanks for the info. BTW, I think is a little bit sad to be speaking about these topics
  14. I bet she has tons of pictures to keep posting through the week lol
  15. I'm sorry, but I cant stop laughing at this. My first thought was that she was trolling people too. I didn't think we will get more videos of her answering questions due to the fact that 90% of the comments are "Nobodody is asking that", but well, I think they are funny.
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