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  1. Yep, I thought the same. she looks so fresh
  2. hahaha the caption of the second picture: I guess I’m demanding attention lol She looks beutiful with that tan!
  3. I always want to try that hair flip...I never succeed lol
  4. Yep...And when they do deliver them, the shipping usually costs more than the vinyl lol. I'll just have to save money and go to the US. Problem solved :P
  5. It looks amazing. Unforunately they dont ship in my country
  6. Yup..some people keep throwing garbage at her and in return she "throws" positivity, good energy and love. I honestly don't know how people can criticize her
  7. Keep ignoring those haters
  8. I know! the part about the burned down gym was everything
  9. She really is into that kind of tops lol. Not my kind of thing but she can rock everything! I also like that whenever she has a chance, she writes inspiring captions
  10. Guess she drank blue gatorade lol
  11. She looks great! Her hair looks so good too.
  12. Yay!! It's kind of worldwide actually. That's the kind of thing real fans should do
  13. I totally agree with you. Those goofy posts are adorable, I wish she keep doing that cause that is exactly how she is! My God, if she can't even post whathever the heck she wants because her so called fans are questioning her..this is very serious. If it's not her team it's her "fans". Those posts always make me smile.
  14. Definitely better than HIAM. Too bad he stood in front of her the whole video
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