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  1. Awesome picture! I really like when she does this flashbacks
  2. Everytime I see that bikini is like...you oughta know!
  3. Hope she had a great time with family and friends I started to read some of the comments as soon as she uploaded the videos and they were all really cute. I didn't know that later people started with those stupid comments. It sucks!
  4. Couldn't agree more. Sadly, some shows keep doing those stupid jokes even today...
  5. If we are lucky enough, maybe one day we'll see how would we react
  6. At least you would have the guts to say hi..I think I would just be petrified
  7. She looks so good and happy!
  8. That's why they need to drag other people!! I also think Sam's comment was pretty accurate
  9. And people are still leaving mean comments.. My God, get a life! I really like those videos ( That's an awesome tree BTW )
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