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  1. I love when she wears yellow! Perfect combination
  2. She is on vacation and still working out? She´s awesome
  3. This is just so sad... If he did that to his grandchildren, who knows what he did/does to Britney. She doesn't deserves this! I hope she can find peace and happiness soon!
  4. I would have loved to see her new hair color! (The last picture is awesome lol)
  5. Yes! I would really love to have one! Fingers crossed
  6. I didn´t know that! They are losing a lot of money! :P
  7. Only in the US :( Imagine if people from all over the worl where able to buy it..
  8. Hi you there!

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    2. Bretyna Speransky

      Bretyna Speransky

      How are you and what brings you here between us? :)

    3. Steph99


      Very good! How about you? The same that brings us all here! Queen Britney :P

    4. Bretyna Speransky

      Bretyna Speransky

      Me talking about B, sharing stuff :)


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