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  1. Paps are on her again and she isn’t having it.
  2. No, Jamie isn’t, but I also believe his alcoholism made him abusive towards other people; from what I can see, he has gotten that demon in control; I say control because it never does go away. It will truly hurt me if he mistreated Britney because as you said, it’s family. I hope all all of this does not drive Britney away from performing or recording; nor do I hope she becomes 2007 Britney when she does finally get cut loose. If she goes back to 07 form, I really don’t know if I could go through it again and still call myself a fan; though 07 is when I truly became a fan because I felt so bad for her. I hope she has learned lessons and not repeat mistakes that will destroy her custody and career.
  3. My husband, who is not a big Britney fan, but surprised me with tickets to see her twice, stated that something big is definitely going on. I sincerely hope that her Dad does come out of this unscathed because I am just hoping he is doing all this “overprotection” because he really loves and cares for Britney. That would hurt me more than the rest of team, who can just go away and never come back. But, if Brit’s Dad is doing her dirty, then he needs to put to the curb too. More twists and turns than a soap opera.
  4. She really needs a new team; but I still think something bad has happened to her mental health.
  5. https://variety.com/2019/music/news/britney-spears-may-never-perform-again-manager-says-1203215676/ thoughts? Original source from TMZ 😕
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pajiba.com/AMP/celebrities_are_better_than_you/britney-spears-wants-to-be-free-her-from-conservatorship.php this is an interesting read on the situation.
  7. The TMZ article was posted here first, then this article was posted later. I assumed that TMZ was the source; didn’t catch that it was an secret source; anyway, still speculation and if Britney did say that, why is her Dad still in charge of everything? Unless he was able to produce that something was seriously wrong with her and she needed to go. To me, this all feeds into what TMZ posted and this produces a story to why she was committed.
  8. Thank you for giving a clear and polite response to the sub; my stomach seriously turned when reading the main page post about this; I get that people are angry, but keep the negativity out until something is confirmed; I thought this site thrives on being the positive Britney site; I felt like I was reading an article from BH 2008. A thought; if Britney did indeed say that, then why is Jamie still allowed to be her guardian? Why didn’t they temporarily remove him and launch an investigation? That is some serious allegations.
  9. This website has already jumped all over this story; 😩 none of this is confirmed. BH 2.0.
  10. But I thought TMZ was on Jamie’s payroll according to the theorists? They will use this to fit their narrative. Britney, her Mom, and Lynne’s lawyers honestly may believe she was put in there against her will because of social media and are having it investigated. Nothing wrong with that. If it is true that Britney is not well, she may insist that she “is well” and does not need help. This is quite common with people that have mental illness, and it turns out that things are not well after all. The judge ordered an evaluation, so that is good. IMO, I think Britney is suffering a huge fallback in her mental health and is struggling.
  11. I also like the fact that they stated that 20 fans showed up for the protest and the Blast posted that they were upset when they were made to leave by Britney apparently. The girl has problems; give it a rest and let her deal with this in peace. But no.......
  12. Can you imagine the meltdowns if absolutely nothing changes on Friday, other than Lynne now having access to what the judge says about Brit? I fully don’t trust Lynne myself; too much of a stage mom and a push-over. I do think they need to investigate the so-called allegations that have been brought up recently so people will let the situation rest once and for all. And about Jamie’s companies; if he started them using the money that he earns yearly taking care of Britney, then it is technically his money and that is his to use as he wants IMO. If he is not doing that, then it needs looked at. Lou definitely needs investigated. If Britney needs a c-ship for whatever reason, I agree with the stance that it should be someone not in the family and no one they benefits from it. And, maybe stipulate that Jamie can only use his c-ship earned money for certain things, such as bills, etc and not to start things for profit. I have no idea how that works, but I take it the money is given to him like a paycheck one would earn in a job. Oh, Lynne and Jamie have divorced, but I have seen over the years they have reconciled, or at least that was reported back in 2010-2011; let’s not make Lynne be this big hero because I am sure she gets use it of Jamie’s c-ship earned money in some form. I agree that she needs to be informed more about what is going on, but she is not to be trusted either.
  13. Looks great!! Britney telling people to shove off, but I am sure some will argue this is an old video and she medicated out at her house.