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  1. I agree, and I think she was also pissed that he pulled the plug on Domination; like dangling a carrot over her head to keep her in line; that is not right; to me, a person who is in control of someone’s mental health, you need to do healthy things to build that person up, not treat them like a five year old. I agree with the life coach idea; the c-ship is way too strict for her to function on her own as an adult; or Jamie wanted to just keep it strict because he is on a power trip or something.
  2. I think Jodi will be a lot easier to be rid of than Jamie; and yes, it is possible that the c-ship made whatever problems she was having much worse; there is no doubt in my mind that she suffered a huge relapse around the FF era; she just looked and sounded so different. I have been watching videos during that era, and it was like she was heavily medicated, but she seemed to get better as the tour went along; at least personality wise. Things should have been re-evaluated around that time because something was not right. I guess where Britney never said anything to her lawyer, or the judge, nothing was questioned and changed. This is where I think her kids were used against her; what is different now is that the kids are older and understand what is going on with Mom.
  3. My thoughts are that there is something legit wrong with Britney, and she does need people to help her; that being said, Dad just needs to go, and let her be. Her needs have clearly changed, and she no longer wants him around; the courts should respect that. I hope one day she can be on her own again, but it is not gonna be overnight like some people think.
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