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  1. I think she is dealing with more than anxiety: but as you said, that is her personal business. I hate the secret stuff her team plays too.....it is obvious that Britney does have something wrong with her: it is not hidden in this day and age of the internet and social media. But, they could be doing it because they are doing something very wrong themselves. I want to know what she is dealing with and if it warrants the still going c-ship; but at the same time, it is her life. I just wish everyone would quit being so shady with it: we know something is not right with her and she is not living that carefully planned image that they created for her when she first came out. I think we can say the true Britney emerge around 03/04, who was sick of her created image. Now, they are trying to regain and keep that image, which no longer reflects reality.
  2. I was sitting in Subway eating my sandwich and I read your Diet Spears comment; I start laughing. Luckily, I was finished, so I could come out to the car and pull myself together; lol.
  3. I was sitting in Subway eating my sandwich and I read your Diet Spears comment; I start laughing. Luckily, I was finished, so I could come out to the car and pull myself together; lol.
  4. This👆🏻 I feel like Britney really does not have anyone to turn to that may not have some kind of motive. I guess you saw all that drama with Jamie Lynn supposedly being hacked and Brit was unfollowed on her Instagram. The only one I would completely trust out of her family at the moment is Bryan. I hope this this gets settled soon. Britney has been through so much garbage over the years.
  5. I hope so; Britney seems to be doing worlds better and I want her to stay that way. She has revived her career as well; back in 07, her career was supposed to be dead. I hope she realizes what kind of leeches she had around her during that period too. I actually wonder, after everything is figured out, if she will return to Vegas.
  6. I agree; yes, I think they should assign someone that has no gain from the c-ship. I thought her brother Bryan would be a good choice for a family member; she seems to get along with home well and I believe her would see to her needs and be firm if needed. I don’t know what to think anymore. I took up for Jamie a lot and thought he had Britney’s best interests at heart; apparently not. I hope Britney can take care of herself, but I really do not want to see her go down the path of 2007 and throw away what she gained and learned.
  7. Not taking up for Jamie, but do you think that maybe he has fell off the wagon with his sobriety? Or, just like was said, he has an explosive temper. I hate this for Britney, but it may help her in the long run get a new conservator. I hope it isn’t Lynn TBH.....I don’t trust her either.
  8. I agree; look at BSB; they had a hit album after many many years; they promoted of course; you have to a bit. Glory was promoted better than BJ, but I think it needed a bit more of a push; two more singles at least and, sad as it is to say, check out who is coming out that week; a lot of other singer teams do that to ensure a #1 album. However, I think Britney is reaching a part in her career where number ones are not the biggest thing, but quality is; Glory was a quality album and could have been a number 1 album if other pieces would have been in place. I would love to see her get a number one album again, but who knows. She needs someone to manage her, who sees her as a pop queen of old, but can still produce some hits.
  9. US Weekly is now running with this story; Lynne and this site is thirsty.
  10. I know Larry is behind the times when it comes to promoting Britney, but I think she does what promoting she wants to do; just like the cash cow thing; they would be working her no matter what and probably at the pace of 03/04 when she got burned out. But, that is not happening. I still buy that her medicine stopped working and she had to take time off to adjust: she will probably do her Vegas show at some point, but when she wants to. I would say the contract is still there, but will be started once she is gets better; I am sure MGM knows more than what people think. Her Dad being sick may have still been a ruse to bring some privacy to the matter, but who knows. Larry just digs himself into holes a lot and gets stuck, lol. I really wish Lou would go 💯. But yes, this site has some deep seated issues with this team it seems.
  11. My thoughts: it really seems like he has an ax to grind with her team; wasn’t he like going to be part of it to promote a positive website for Britney, but he realized how micromanaged everything was? Honestly, a lot of teams for other celebrities are micromanaged as well: Britney’s just gets more publicity because of her troubles; I don’t like Lou and I think she is responsible for a lot of the messes and I believe she has influenced Larry and her Dad; but still, teams for megastars have to be micromanaged to a point. I really used to like getting news from this website, but I stopped following the social media for it once it became an opinionated mess. I come for universe and what is shared here; apparently, a lot of news is not being shared because isn’t part of a narrative.
  12. Breathe Heavy 2.0......my gosh, I can’t with the main page posts.
  13. You better screen cap the positive comments because this will probably be main page news before too long.
  14. He was completely silent yesterday when Britney called out her conspiracy theorists.....🙄 Again, feels like BH 2.0. I agree and you can’t go by how she felt ten years ago; she was not in a good place then and probably honestly felt this way. I really wish people would just leave her be and let the powers that be do their investigation. This movement has become a joke and I pity them if they are wrong on all of this; but they will just cry corruption and keep beating the dead horse over and over again.
  15. Funny how the main page is silent on this topic; just saying. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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