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  1. I saw this on Instagram; it truly makes me sad; how could Jamie be this way with her? I always stood up for Jamie, but not anymore. Sad all around.
  2. Even thought it is her money, she really needs someone to help manage it. She was blowing through some heavy money in 2007, not to mention her “leeches”. It is clear that Britney wants more personal freedom; but, she really needs to show responsibility if she wants to care for herself. If she is being prescribed medicine for her condition (if there is one), she has to take it. I have seen cases where people take medicine, but once they start feeling better, they don’t take it as needed, and then they are back to square one. That may be the case with Britney, and she may not be showing the court that she can handle being by herself or completely in control. Someone mentioned that Britney had a life coach that she thrived with (that ended for some reason); it would be good maybe if she could have someone over the money part of the c-ship, and maybe a life coach instead of a conservator. Again, we don’t know what is going on, and she may require the c-ship. I think her Dad and co needs to go; she needs a fresh team that will be in tune with her needs.
  3. You see, until the movement, I never knew about Lou; I figured Jamie got legal advice from a lawyer about the C-ship, and enabled it. To be fair, I think if Jamie wouldn’t have gotten involved, and with his attitude, Britney would be broke, Dead, or both. People who heavily favor this movement either forget, or don’t know about 06-07; Britney was out of control, rather it be mental illness, PPD, alcoholism, or whatever. However, for whatever reason (I am leaning towards the canceling of Domination, the incident with her kids, and she wants more freedom of course), she wants her Dad out, and he should respect that. Britney is smart enough to know she is not going have the c-ship removed right away. And, I agree, I believe Jamie had good intentions in the beginning, but now it is not, rather it be himself or an outside source.
  4. I am too; if you look at it, Lynne has probably been hurt by Jamie and Lou both as well; honestly, it was probably in the romantic sense because Jamie and Lynne had allegedly reconciled at one point, but there was probably some “interference” there. Plus, there is always the past when Britney was growing up. What pains me is that it is all about the money aspect of the c-ship, and not the person. I am assuming Lynne did not push to have Jamie replaced with Jodi permanently, or at least it has not been publicly acknowledged. But, at least she is doing something; she could have been in the dark about everything, and trusted someone’s word that all was fine, when actually, it was not.
  5. She is trolling, or whoever is over page, is being a troll. Anyway, someone is reading the comments.
  6. I think it was the canceling of Domination; Britney looked like she was really into the show during rehearsal footage, and “poof”, gone because she did not obey what her Dad said. I also believe that her Dad acting a fool with her son played a huge factor as well. I believe it was those two events that caused her to break.
  7. Maybe Jamie is going to leave, and this guy will take over? Nah, probably still shady stuff.
  8. Britney’s kids have to know that something wrong with her; and it is apparent how they feel about Jamie because of the restraining order against him. I figured Jason was being a tool as usual......Britney’s track record with tool guys is not a good thing; I would seriously hope after all she has been through, and if she does gain independence, she would not bring people like that back in her life (Sam, Adnan, etc). A life coach and someone independently to look over her finances would be great: most celebrities have someone over their finances, or at least they should.
  9. I think Britney does love performing, but yes, they should have given her a year or so before she started again. I do believe she has something legit wrong with her; it may require her to have this c-ship......however, enough with the family involvement; bring in independent parties to help her if she truly needs it. As for TMZ, they must be in Jamie’s back pocket to make him look super good.
  10. I think her lawyer has until a date in September to file a petition; i wonder if her Dad takes back control on 22nd, or if it got extended because of what Britney filed? i do believe that Jason was in love with Britney when they married, and I believe she had feelings for him too, but that was shutdown by family and handlers (plus, he would have gotten her money if it was not annulled); I don’t trust him because of the stunts he pulled afterwards.
  11. Looks like Britney’s first husband showed up today to support Britney with the “Free Britney” people; sad thing is that I don’t know if he did it because he cares, or needs another 15 minutes.
  12. I believe her Dad had good intentions in the beginning; I truly believe she would be gone if he wouldn’t have gotten involved. I also believe he still cares about Britney, but he either got “drunk with the power” or someone corrupted him (rumors to Lou). But yes, I think letting professional handle her affairs is a step in the right direction; I don’t trust Britney’s Mom either, so she needs to stay away too; it is ok to be on the loop, but no more family involved.
  13. At this point, her Dad just needs to go; I know people don’t like the Jodi chick, but to me, she is a neutral party; having a neutral party in her finances would also be good. We still don’t know what is wrong with Brit, and probably won’t unless she decides to say something, but she may require some form of C-ship for a while, or forever. If they have people who are neutral in the situation, and she can a true say in her own decisions (I would say she is chomping to get some new management; I think Larry and Lou are beyond damaged, especially Lou), it will be better. However, certain fans would still complain; honestly, I think some people think if the C-ship is over, they will get 99-03 Britney again, but I believe they will disappointed. She has a legit problem.
  14. Queen of Trolling, lol; posting same pics and not answer the #1 question to make her fans’ heads explode with conspiracies. 👍🏻
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