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  1. i do think awards are either bought or given to the person that will draw attention. But i dont agree with #1 because it it was true beyonce would have like 20 number 1's rn....
  2. i dont want her to collab with iggy anyways. Iggy is just big for now but wont in 1 or 2 years. she needs someone new or just an established artist to collab with. just my opinion.
  3. Ebola has already been a thing. it wasn't until 2 people got affected in america that people actually get up and starting to do things about it sadly.
  4. POM is what FFT was supposed to be (dancing/energy wise)
  5. Chandelier so far. everything this year has been a HUGE disappointment. especially ultraviolence, there is like only three good songs on there and the rest is just hipsters/gays candy.