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  1. It's so bad though. I've stayed positive for so long
  2. I think she is gonna go have babies and not come back. I hope you are right but things have only gone done since Circus
  3. I don't think we are going to get any new music stuff for A LONG TIME.
  4. Why would someone want a tour book for a concert they haven't seen. That is just my thought
  5. That was way before though. I think once she gone she won't have it in her to come back. Once the cameras aren't around much anymore she isn't just gonna come back. I hope it isn't true but she has changed so much over the past 5 years.
  6. After FF I thought it was just an off era but literally all we got was two videos and an album with no personal connection from Britney. What other excuse is there...none. I want new music so bad it hurts but I can't live in denial or it witll be worse later
  7. I have a lot. My newest to my collection is Bj promo posters I got from my bff that works for Sony. And BOMT European Edition
  8. I love the music! I also loved Britney's personality around Oops era. Slaveney made me drool over her. It was everything. She is flawless. I will say I always loved Xtina's music as well...until Lotus
  9. I've accepted it. I do think she is gonna retire. She shows no interest in her career these days. I think POM is the last of them trying to get money. They probably will announce more dates and say it is her last shows soon. There is no other excuse. I hope it isn't true but everything just points to it now. The way BJ era was just sort of seems to be the final proof.
  10. Imagine the shoot. I think I would have died.
  11. She looked the best in Criminal though. Yes I love the FF videos except HIAM
  12. I don't see it. I thought she looked alive in that video
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