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  1. Happy Birthday Just-Like-A-Circus!

  2. Shame cause i all admit the song is actually ok but that Video.... is just not even shocking its just pathetic tbh
  3. The Delusion At least we can admit that BJ was a flop...but theres a difference BJ is her 8th album and she did hardly any promo if any and she is 15 years into her career. Gaga is 5 Years into hers and already her last 2 albums have failed to achieve the hights of her debut album and FM And people have moved on from Gaga now
  4. But this all by her own doing though, she doesnt want the media anywhere near her anymore the more she stays out of the magazines the better it is for her personally. Doesnt the gated community place she lives have there own shopping centre and starbucks etc?
  5. I liked her in The Fame/Fame Monster era but ever since then
  6. Exhale is a mess right now Jordan has killed his own website
  7. Contantly showing friends Videos of Britneys Piece of me show...... Trying to persuade them to spend the $$ to go and see her with me