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  1. Happy Birthday vincentbitch!

  2. So I got bored and edited a Britney pic Do you like it? HQ pic here http://britneyspearsinvestigators.tumblr.com/post/96521458618
  3. LOL YES I remeber starting fire with paper and matches I one time got a clear bowel and put alcohol in it and watched the flame glow it looks really nice untill the glass got too hot and it shattered into many pieces Haha I remember also this one time me and my friends were starting a fire with paper in the alley and our neighbor was coming home and he pulled in and saw us so we quickly tried putting out the fire and ran but the fire didn't go out that much and the wind blew it to his fence and it burned a little part of it omg.. But then I stopped, now I want to do it again fuck.. lol jk
  4. I'm tired of these delusional fans that still deny Britney hasn't gotten a nose job and that it is just make up countering or bad photoshop You can not sit here and say that make up literally changes the physical form of someones nose if they counter it, just no. I don't care if you give me hate but here is the proof it only took me 5 min to make this collage to show you the differences I rest my case.
  5. Aww I know what you mean! My shirt is starting to fade I hadn't worn it in a long time til that day, For some odd reason it's starting to turn yellowish in the back collar I will just use it for display and not to wear anymore
  6. Decided to share a picture I took with my friend yesterday, She came over to take pictures and brought over her Femme Fatale shirt that we had bought when we went to go see Britney in Houston lol
  7. I know I'm crying omg Britney sing Alien like this
  8. Holy shit this is so good! I want it in full! I'm sure Britney couid sing like that please that slay me This is so good
  9. Just downloaded the BG app When will FlopHeavy Tbh