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  1. + Brave New Girl. i’ve never understood the hate for MATM i’m genuinely curious why people hate it
  2. we need MY PREROGATIVE and no work bitch it is so tired and overplayed (she'll do it anyways) here's my ideal set list "Work Bitch" "Womanizer" "Break the Ice" / "Piece of Me" "...Baby One More Time" "Oops!... I Did It Again" "Me Against the Music" "Gimme More" "Clumsy" "Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)" "Boys" "Do You Wanna Come Over?" "Work It" / "Get Ur Freak On" / "WTF (Where They From)" (Dance Interlude) "I'm a Slave 4 U" (contains elements of "Walk It Talk It", from Migos) "Make Me..." "Freakshow" "Do Somethin'" "Circus" "If U Seek Amy" "Breathe on Me" "Slumber Party" "Touch of My Hand" "Toxic" "Stronger" "(You Drive Me) Crazy" "Till the World Ends" (sarcasm)
  3. do we even need it? also outrageous is like one of the worst songs off ITZ so like
  4. cute too bad Riverdale went down after season 1
  5. If she really tried and used her natural tone she could. I don’t think she’s ever lost her vocal cords like critics claim she just never tries and still tries forcing that baby voice Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. It’s what she deserves for that messy announcement and rebranding the POM tour tbh
  7. why are we adding some of the worst songs from Blackout on here? If she's reviving Blackout album tracks then use God's scriptures like Get Naked, Get Back, etc
  8. cute but if i hear work bitch one more time im gonna kill myself
  9. wow you did you just accuse me of being a who only likes pop britney ?!?! (sarcasm) The vocals were for BOMT era were amazing and it was the most natural Britney before she decided to keep that ugly high pitched baby voice she still tried to force on Glory, so I respect that. BOMT is alright, but it gets boring 6 tracks in and the rest feels like boring filler you'd hear on a radio station for 30 year old stay at home moms. The singles seem like they had the most dedication to them while the album tracks are just filler. Now when you come to Oops, Britney, and ITGod all the tracks are really good and pack much more than BOMT. Listening to those albums as a whole are an unforgettable experience, but listening to BOMT was a boring forgettable experience
  10. hi it's boring and then getting followed by oops, britney, THEN In The God? it's boring
  11. Honestly is Pitbull even relevant anymore Getting new music from Britney rn seems as likely as getting Rebellion or Original Doll
  12. I think we're ALL already bored of Domination. She's gonna do the same routine with the same setlist. We'll open with Work Bitch then end with Till the World Ends and get the same vocals she recorded 20 years ago. At best we'll get like an old song added If she took the time to rerecord her vocals, used different outfits, and changed the setlist then the shows would be so much better, but she'd never
  13. I'm tired of BOMT on vinyl the album is easily one of her worst give us something good don't want to wait I want it now
  14. jk bitch. That live stream was an unorganized mess with a predictable ending. Despite already knowing we were getting another residency I still left the live stream disappointed. With Britney post BJ I've learned to have the lowest expectations possible. Glory was cute and amazing, considering the mess that was BJ. Her recent years have been boring and we keep getting the same thing just recolored a bit. The tour is a disgusting mess with a handful of cute moments occasionally. Now when she came on the Ellen show and announced her announcement everyone already knew what was coming. A RESIDENCY TOUR which is fine . She struggles with bipolar disorder and anxiety, so trying to put her on a draining schedule with a stressful tour would just murder her mental health. I've made my peace with that. What was terrible though was the big deal she made about her announcement. I kept my standards as low as possible and whew she delivered. The whole live stream was a mess. It started late, the audio was weird and the beginning didn't even play Britney music , the person "hosting?" the live stream didn't seem much like a Britney stan (he said the same thing over again and didn't even know when the "show?" was to start), the camera angles were boring and overdone, then the "Britney parade" used a random megamix they probably just googled, along with that the whole live show was a mess (we got random camera angles left and right then the presenters didn't even know when the show was to start) and to top it all off when things finally seemed to pick up when Britney comes out looking like she doesn't even want to be there. She stares around for a little, proceeds to walk down the red carpet, signs autographs, then drives off without saying a word! Then cut back to the "host?" stare at the camera and act like he was snatched bald. The show fades out with a picture of a new poster and her new residency "Domination." I had no expectations coming into this and coming out of this has even lowered my expectations to lower heights whew!