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  1. Happy Birthday Nina Dobrev!

  2. You should stop smoking that goonka and actually realize there's more to the world than Uni, but whateva. You're one cheesy ass member on here and pathetic. Besides, you'd fuck your cousin. Your opinion is moot.
  3. not as bad as your atmosphere bruh - and shitty PSP emote making skills.
  4. Why is this still on the first fucking page.
  5. Your set is out of place. I like the half circles though.
  6. Chat? And how long ago was this? Most of the negativity is trolls. Who get dragged to oblivion anyway. People being mean to others for no reason, however, is a nono imo - that's where me and my friends come along and drag the shit out of them. A good drag is like a good movie sis.
  7. I can't at people shading Exhale when it has some of the best human beings and logical human beings I've ever met in my entire 24 year career on this Earth. I'm dedicating a job to that site to make it better but let's stop acting like Exhale has 100% shit members.
  8. That statement is incorrect.
  9. So beautiful,.... Fuck Im so happy to be a stan of hers since the mickey mouse days... slay my hot wet bussy britney <3
  10. Nina Dobrev


    .... Stop - thanks.
  11. Nina Dobrev


    I really don't freaking know. Some people really just weren't loved as a child. It shows. I'm actually starting to feel sorry for Jordan because as much as he's a crappy journalist ... He doesn't deserve this crap. It's disgusting.
  12. Nina Dobrev


    Sweetheart I'm gonna text you my number or do you already have it? Been working a lot lately
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