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  1. He was hot when they first met. Kids can live on less than that a year, he's not going to get away with it. Jamie will duct tape him! lol
  2. EdMendez

    New Artists

    I love Falling for you by 1975.
  3. EdMendez


    what ya'll look like?
  4. EdMendez

    New Artists

    Hey guys, I have no idea who is good tbh, I listen to the same music all the time. Can ya'll recommend any new music? I listen to Britney, Lana, Roxette, Shawn Mendes, lot's of Christian artists/bands, Janet Jackson, Lana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Any similar or any indie (Smooth) would be nice. Thanks.
  5. Radioactive and How to Be a Heartbreaker
  6. I know this sounds weird, but I'm kinda scared to listen in case I don't like it. I'm the same with all new albums though tbh.
  7. It isn't a good album other than Brightest Morning Star (i'm a dedicated Christian), but the booklet, it is the most beautiful she's done yet.
  8. Random as this is my first post, but I am the same. I am attracted to guys (some girls) but have no interest in sex. I just want to cuddle, hold hands, kiss. Maybe I'm not, I'm sure there is a name for it.
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