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  1. What happened to this CD? Did anyone buy it? If so, what's in it?
  2. "Let Me Take You There" is giving me TLC/Spice Girls vibes I love it From the sound of the "You Got It All" demo, it sounds like BOMT was probably supposed to be urban cause these songs sound very R&B
  3. I don't care about that, I was trying to say that his appearance shouldn't affect his love for Britney, but my words clearly came out wrong, so I dun goofed
  4. OMG YASSS. I love your remixes/re-arrangements. Any new remix plans? Maybe more Glory songs to celebrate the tour
  5. Can't wait for the tour. Btw random question, but are you the same GloriousBritney who does those "Throwback Thursday" Remixes on YouTube?
  6. He may not be the best looking dude, but I absolutely agree with his philosophies on Britney. This article actually made me a little teary-eyed, because it always reminds me of how Britney's music has helped me survive many difficult aspects of my life. Even though I cringed when he said his favorite unreleased is "Mood Ring", (cause everyone knows it WAS released in Japan lmao), I still enjoyed reading this article and reading about his experiences
  7. I love this one. Thank you and love you so much @ღ Slave4Brit ღ
  8. At this point I wouldn't be surprised, after all, she was given "hush money" to say "I most certainly cannot take credit for her tremendous talent"
  9. Exactly, but tbh I don't think he was the only one to blame. The vocal producer Anthony Preston is the major reason why the vocals ended up being so overproduced and replaced with Myah, who is also the main cause from Britney Jean becoming Britney Jean lol
  10. Probably, but I'm guessing people were more upset about the magazine cover even though it's tame in comparison to Brooke Shields being fully nude as a teenager
  11. Now that you mention it, I'm curious to see what this looks like with the orange background from Blackout, but I don't know if I've ever found a blank background.
  12. Well I definitely hope to visit Portugal one day, visit those amazing clubs and dance all night shamelessly
  13. Femme Fatale is probably my second favorite album after Blackout because it's very nostalgic for me and because of all the feel-good uptempo dance songs. The music videos from 2011 are probably the most cinematic and best ones of her career (I always felt like 'Criminal"' could've been a short film lol) And I also like the two rock songs Rodney Jerkins produced (He About To Lose Me and Don't Keep Me Waiting). She also had the best collabs during that era with Nicki Minaj, Kesha, Rihanna and even Travis Barker from Blink-182. And the tour was pretty entertaining with the great visuals and of course the LIVE VOCALS. I love that era.
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