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  1. I can't see the photos even though I've replied and reacted. Did I do something wrong?
  2. So wait, do we having any confirmation of what's going to be in this CD? Is it HQ audio from the 1999 BOMT Tour? I really hope the cover isn't misleading
  3. Omg flawless. Can you pretty plz DM me the correctly pitched version? Although it still sounds beautiful in a higher key
  4. I honestly pray to God that whoever bought these tapes for a gazillion dollars will leak all the tracks in their full complete entireties. Especially in 320 HQ. I'm gonna be so pissed and sad if they keep it to themselves
  5. I'm hoping for "I've Just Begun Having My Fun", "Toy Soldier", "Criminal", and obviously more Glory songs (I'd like "Man On The Moon" and "Change Your Mind")
  6. True, but even then, she was crying in the salon saying "my mom's gonna kill me". I know was to be "having fun", but people tend to do crazy things during hard times. Her aunt had just died, Felicia and Larry were not in her life at the time, and of course, constantly being in the press didn't make things any better. So she finally snapped and said "I'M TIRED OF EVERYBODY TOUCHING ME" and began her "rebellion" by doing all this. Still, I can understand why she did it, and I think its crazy that people think she was on drugs, when she clearly shaved her head so perfectly without trouble.
  7. A great and fun commercial. My favorite part will always be "for those who think young"
  8. A lot of unreleased songs/videos have been taken off YT for some weird reason, even though they're not commercially released smh. Same exact thing happened with "Red Hot Lipstick" the past month
  9. I wonder why the pics of Britney shaving her head came out so HQ and the other candid videos/photos look meh in comparison. It breaks my heart to watch these X17/TMZ videos and sort of knowing what its like to have been in her shoes during that hard time
  10. How about a piano version of "Born To Make You Happy"? Idk if you've ever done that already, but it sounds like a cool idea.
  11. In the words of Tyra Banks, its "Next Level Fierce"
  12. Sounds really cool. Reminds me of the acoustic remix of BTMYH