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  1. The best mv from the Glory era imo. A lot more things happening and I love the whole cock destroyer vibe, really raunchy but in a good way. Completely speechless when the TV flies out of the window as the second chorus hits in full volume and the model is almost killed. Britney nailed the choreography in the warehouse scene and the untouched footage of her is absolutely stunning! Ugh this video made my month
  2. Hello!

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      How are you? :crazysmile:

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      I'm feeling great compared to the last few days , thank you! :howiroll:

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      That's great! You're welcome ❤

  3. It was starting ok but the underwhelming chorus and the sudden transitions ruined it
  4. This sounds so cool but it's just fanmade. The title is style beat and the creater has replied to a fan to say he made it and not in a nice way
  5. I'm not an expert at all but I think they're not in the same key. It's still slays my entire existence though
  6. All those ''demos'' are just some flops' songs got changed to a higher key I hate Temptation so much lol I actually believed Roses are forever was real
  7. Let's just hope that the person is generous enough to share them. I don't see the point of not leaking them. We can enjoy those demos and the original cassettes will still be worth a lot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. I actually like this more than the official version
  9. You know she's the queen when you can find her name in Cambridge Dictionary 😂
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