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  1. Besides Blow Job, I think her worst album would have to be Femme Fatale in my opinion. Not feeling the electric dance theme and her robotic vocals. I do love Criminal and I Wanna Go though.
  2. BOMT: I Will Be There OOPS: Where Are You Now Britney: Let Me Be ITZ: Shadow BO: Heaven on Earth Circus: Unusual You FF: Inside Out BJ: None. Glory: Change Your Mind
  3. I can't at the people who are saying WSIBS and Perfect Lover are the worst...
  4. It was a hard decision between Hot as Diarrhea,Everybody,and Toy Soldier,but Toy Soldier makes me wanna go deaf.Her vocals are so annoying on that track.
  5. Brave New Girl leaves a stain on an almost perfect album for me.
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