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  1. Lol Africa does not have a miracle cure for AIDs, it has the highest infection rate in the world. Btw i live in South Africa and my cousin who is also my best friend since we were kids is HIV positive. It took a long time for me to process it. This sudden expiration date placed on the person ive had around me my entire life. But it has sunk in and he is ok. He takes his meds and is in better health than i am actually. Im the end, we all have expiration dates that we ignore, his was just less easier to ignore but for all we know, he will outlive me.
  2. Are we meant to post other songs too? If so then...
  3. The tease, the snake, the kiss, the bitch... All hail the VMA queen
  4. @ღ Slave4Brit ღ @ღ Slave4Brit ღ its one of my favs though... People who weren't even fans loved it. I wanna go and TTWE were always playing in the club and i worked in a record store where everyone mocked her...until femme fatale was released and I played it one day to spite them. After that day i found the album in the stores playlist almost every day. With how i roll on repeat.Even the metalhead bought it. That to me is the sign of a good CD. FYI its the same with Glory #truestory
  5. Im new here but I'm sure similar topics have been posted. But indulge me if you will... Which era would you have liked Britney to have headlined the Superbowl? What would the setlist be and which guests would appear? Bare in mind the Superbowl is about fun and unlikely collabs so while Madonna would be perfect, she is also too obvious and wouldn't be a surprise. Personally I'd do the Femme Fatale era (but without the zero on stage energy) I'd have Cyndi Lauper and Daft Punk as guests and have the set list include HIAM, S&S, BOMT, Stronger, Toxic, I Wanna go/Girls just wanna have fun, True Colours and Till the world ends
  6. Lol you need to choose who you prefer Justin or Kevin?
  7. ii basically took iconic items or people with similar connections to Britney for example ... the blonde hair or the brunette hair. the album that made her a superstar or the follow up that cemented her status. I threw in some harder ones like having to choose between Kevin or Justin or Christina or Will.I.am. You have to pick a preference.
  8. Britney Jean Circus Britney ... Jk
  9. Britney Jean Circus Britney ... Jk
  10. Does anyone remember all the movie and series projects Britney was rumoured or offered to take part in during her prime? •Sex and the city (as the man eating niece of Samantha Jones) •Dawson's Creek (Nerdy high school student who gets a makeover from Katie Holmes before her date with Dawson) •Buffy the Vampire Slayer (a sexbot ) •a remake of Dirty Dancing •Alice in Wonderland (with Ricky Martin) •an untitled Steven Spielberg drama (about a dancer) •her own sitcom (like brandy in moesha)
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