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  1. No lies detected the recording session and stems agree
  2. I have Brightest Morning Star & Passenger Stems Now so i dont need them
  3. I have: Multitracks: Break the ice Till the world ends Hold it against me I Wanna Go How I Roll (Drop Dead) Beautiful Big Fat Bass Trouble For Me Criminal He about to lose me Scary Till the world ends Twister Remix Alien (Britney's Demo) Alien (Britneys Demo) V2 Work Bitch Perfume (Dreaming Mix) Acapella Up n' Down (4 Background Vocals Up n' Down Ad Libs Has anyone got Passenger (Stems/Multitrack/Recording Session) Brightest Morning Star (Stems/Multitrack) Body Ache (Acapella) Inside Out (Stems/Multitrack) Seal It With A Kiss (Stems/Multitrack) Trip To Your Heart (Stems/Multitrack) Gasoline (Stems/Multitrack) Up n' Down (Stems/Multitrack) Selfish (Stems/Multitrack) Dont Keep Me Waiting (Stems/Multitrack) To Trade
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