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  1. The price is for both tickets. That's what I paid for it... so anyone interested?
  2. Dear all, I have two tickets left for Britney's concert in Birmingham, UK. Two friends of mine won't be able to go, so I need to sell them. But I will receive the tickets 4 weeks before the show. Both tickets are for sale for the original price. €150 or 129 British Pounds. Please DM if interested.
  3. Well, will you give the link ?
  4. So does anyone know if there is a new website.. like what happened??
  5. I received the exact same answer from them
  6. http://www.instagram.com/britneyspearsxbeyonceknowles
  7. Yes, that's what I thought too! And with Cardi B would be nice I think haha
  8. Okay, I never heard anyone call Beyoncé that.. so why do they call her that? I love Beyoncé and Britney and JT so Idk.. I thought it would be cool ? but I know it will never happen sooo
  9. Definitely a collaboration with Justin Timberlake or Beyoncé
  10. Yes I sent a email to the britneytourclub. They said they haven't shipped anything yet, so when they do they will send an email that its on its way Still waiting though..
  11. Hi guys, Did anyone buy from the britneytourclub.com? You could choose between t-shirts and hoodies and get an access code for pre-sale tickets to Britney's concert. According to the order confirmation I was supposed to get my t-shirt 2 weeks after the payment... But the 2 weeks are now like 4 weeks ago? Did anyone receive their shirt or hoodie?
  12. Never thought of it that way, but I hope not! That would be so mean
  13. Well you'll have original tickets so they can't refuse to let you in
  14. Exactly, I been to a lot of concerts and they never asked about my ID. But those were regular tickets, never vip. I think you don't have to worry if you have regular tickets
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