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  1. Well, will you give the link ?
  2. So does anyone know if there is a new website.. like what happened??
  3. I received the exact same answer from them
  4. http://www.instagram.com/britneyspearsxbeyonceknowles
  5. Yes, that's what I thought too! And with Cardi B would be nice I think haha
  6. Okay, I never heard anyone call Beyoncé that.. so why do they call her that? I love Beyoncé and Britney and JT so Idk.. I thought it would be cool ? but I know it will never happen sooo
  7. Definitely a collaboration with Justin Timberlake or Beyoncé
  8. Oh wauw haha well you don't have to mention that, maybe she forgot all about it.. Lol you're story or pics are welcome though.. I'm trying to collect as much material as possible
  9. What do you mean with.. hope she doesn't know me from her team?
  10. I want to let Britney know who I am and all that but to write a whole book about me.. That's just too much haha it has to be something for her from me. So I came up with this idea..
  11. Well, it's all up to you. Whatever you want to send. Just a picture with your name or just a text about you or what Britney means to you or when and how you became a fan of her, anything you wanna tell Britney. You can also send both, picture + message. Eventually my goal is to give her that book and hopefully she'll see, read and know more about each fan that is in the book. I think she's gonna love it!
  12. Why? Is there something I missed? I have all her cd's
  13. Hi lovely people, So I'm going to meet Britney in August for the very first time and I'll be seeing her live, finally! Anyways gifts might not be allowed to bring but I'm going to give this to her or to one of her assistants (maybe Fe is she's around). I'm planning on making a book for Britney including fans from all around the world, who wants to say something to her or maybe tell their story, or their happiest moments with Britney. I think this would be a great gift to her from us. So what do you all think? I set up a deadline so I can collect everything and bundle it up as one big book for her. So, please comment. All pictures or text (Word document) can be send to [email protected] Deadline: July 31st, 2018 (plenty of time, but it's a lot of work) Please include your name, age, country (and social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram if you want)