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  1. I think JT was on stage last year and not sure but around 200k people watched it. It's kinda big! Can't wait to watch her. Oh btw... #Britney4SuperBowl2019
  2. Queen coming back to save pop music once again
  3. Yaaas coz you know how much I love BOMT shoot
  4. "Britney Jean" is the worst thing ever that released by Britney Spears. I'm happy pretending it never existed.
  5. I hate the song. I don't know it's just not at the same level with TTWE and HIAM for me.
  6. Eyebrows are slaying it.
  7. Oh come on now her covers are soooo gooood. Satisfaction? I Love Rock 'n Roll? The Beat Goes On? Tom's Diner? Which one people don't like? They all sound freaking awesome. Jeez I guess I won't be able to understand the hate against her. People suck.
  8. Oh no honey I just don't give a f--k about what's going on with your YouTube channel which you're trying to promote here??? And I don't care what haters think about Britney because they hate for whatever reason. If you were a TRUE FAN or whatever, you would delete all those bad comments especially the sexist & racist one. Believe me honey I'm definitely not scared I just don't have time to spend on morons, unlike you. Keep promoting your YouTube channel and Twitter here, hope it works and makes you a happier person than you are right now. Peace out!
  9. Both videos are as trash. I don't think it's about nudity since she's wearing sexy costumes & making out in videos etc. And I also hate the song.