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  1. Britney Jean Britney Femme Fatale Circus / Glory *TIE* Oops!... I Did It Again / In The Zone *TIE* Baby One More Time Blackout
  2. Happy Birthday Anticonformity!

  3. Me all the time...I think peeps are WAY too serious about stupid things...#BritneySpears #joke… https://t.co/0Hg21zLtWx

  4. Yesssssssssssssss RT @itsbrittnicole: It’s almost time for #THEREMIXES! Are you excited?? http://t.co/8t8XbURfNP

  5. OMG I wanna hear the original version of #WhenIFall by @nataliehemby :o I LOVE THAT song! Im curious what lines were changed now... <3

  6. Give me a siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiign...

  7. No rush on #B9 #Album9 "=] your family comes first! <3 you @britneyspears !

  8. Fangirls and boys need to reevaluate their lives... #geezus

  9. Kiss, kiss, tip your glassI'll do whatever you ask forBut if you want my loveYou can only find it on the dancefloor

  10. Me, me, me on the worldwidewebTweetin everything like it's just gotta be saidA little social network sorcery&u2 can b a YouTube celebrity

  11. Cause in our society weight loss = ZOMG SO HEALTHY ... What a fucking joke

  12. Also there is a new macbook? Them minimalists probaly all just fainted and are ready to add another one to their collection X'D